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Working My Way Back To You is the first episode of ALF's second season. This is the season premiere. It originally aired on September 21, 1987.
Working My Way Back to You

Plot SummaryEdit

To kick off the second season, ALF is relocated to the family garage because he threw a can of anchovies at the prized family painting and dumped Kate's clothes on the ground to use the clothing baskets to play the Melmacian sport of skleen ball. Kate moves him to the garage and he must stay there a week to atone for his reckless behavior. ALF steals the furniture and microwave and moves them into the garage. Kate tells him he needs to move the furniture or he'll be gone for good.

Desperately wanting to get back in the house, ALF makes a deal with the Tanners to be trouble free for the whole week. He acts as their housekeeper complete with a phony accent. ALF cleans the house and repairs the broken painting. He serves the Tanners fine food and water. When his final day of the deal is almost up, he attempts to cook a roast duck in the oven. ALF forgets to light the oven and does so only after the gas has been running for a while and blows up the kitchen. The Tanners find Trevor Ochmonek sleeping on the couch when they return home and find Alf In the laundry room and the family are seen getting ready to clean up the house. While Brian tanner found a puppet that looks like Alf with a torn shirt


  • This is one of the episodes where Kate is extremely strict towards ALF, such as threatening to force him to stay in the garage permanently.
  • If one looks closely, you can see ALF fly out of the window when he made the oven explosion.
  • Lucky the cat runs out of the house before it explodes; later Lynn finds Alf hiding in the laundry room with Lucky and a Tanner family rosary prayer beads!
  • This marked the first episode where Willie wears reading glasses.

Title ReferenceEdit

"Working My Way Back to You" is a song that was originally recorded by The Four Seasons.


  • At the beginning of the episode, a white round laundry basket is replaced by a rectangular brown laundry basket in the very next shot after ALF said, "It's not nice to rat on your friends". This is a transition error.
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