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A sign charging 2 wernicks for admission.

A price of 1000 wernicks on the windshield of a used car.

A wernick was a unit of money on Melmac that was equal to ten dollars.


Milo Fleece offered 700 werknicks for a used car, then changed his offer to 200. He attempted to resell the vehicle for 1000 wernicks. However, Staff only had a 50 wernick bill. (ATAS: "Two for the Brig")

Madame Pokipsi charged twenty wernicks to regrow hair. She had a half price special, and Gordon paid with a ten wernick bill. Augie wanted four wernicks to keep quiet when Gordon made her hair fall out. Gordon had hoped she would accept a single wernick coin. (ATAS: "Hair Today, Bald Tomorrow")

Solly threatened to raise rent on his boat to 36 wernicks and then again to 40. He added 100 for the damaged steering wheel. In an effort to raise money to pay for these expenses, Rick charged 2 wernicks per person to get into a party on the boat. (ATAS: "Gordon Ships Out")

Thor Thundersocks estimated a cost of 15,000 wernicks to renovate Gordon’s bedroom for Harry. (ATAS: "Two for the Brig")

ALF paid a wernick to have photos taken at a carnival.

ALF once paid a wernick at a carnival to have a photo taken that made him appear to be at Mt. Floppy on planet Griphard.


Named for NBC producer Sandy Wernick.