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A wernick was a unit of money on Melmac that was equal to ten dollars.


Milo Fleece offered 700 werknicks for a used car, then changed his offer to 200. He attempted to resell the vehicle for 1000 wernicks. However, Staff only had a 50 wernick bill. (ATAS: "Two for the Brig")

Madame Pokipsi charged twenty wernicks to regrow hair. She had a half price special, and Gordon paid with a ten wernick bill. Augie wanted four wernicks to keep quiet when Gordon made her hair fall out. Gordon had hoped she would accept a single wernick coin. (ATAS: "Hair Today, Bald Tomorrow")

ALF paid a wernick to have photos taken at a carnival.

ALF once paid a wernick at a carnival to have a photo taken that made him appear to be at Mt. Floppy on planet Griphard.


Named for NBC producer Sandy Wernick.