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Weird Science is the twenty fourth episode of ALF's first season. It originally aired in April 13th, 1987.

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Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

Brian makes a model of the solar system for his science carnival, and ALF convinces him that it is incomplete without planets Alvin and Dave. Meanwhile, the TV is on the fritz and Willie is unable to get it repaired under the warranty because the factory is overseas. This prompts ALF to call Consumer Ed, a TV personality that exposes shady business practices.

Because of the inclusion of Alvin and Dave in his solar system model, Brian's teacher, Mrs. Larva disallows it from being in the science carnival.

When Brian's principal, Ms. Wine drops by the house to discuss Brian's project with Willie, Willie refuses to ask Brian to remove the planets. ALF apologizes for causing this fuss. He said he placed a call to NASA, who also does not know about Alvin. When Willie thinks this is grounds to get Brian to give it up, ALF adds that NASA does know about Dave, which they call Chiron. Willie then recalls an scientific discovery made in the 1977 a planetoid discovered by astronomer Charles Kowal. It was named "Object Kowal", and later given named after the mythological figure Chiron. ALF shows his map proving the existence of Dave and Alvin. Willie says the map is Melmacian and cannot be shown to Ms. Wine, but believes that recent discoveries are grounds for Brian to submit his project.

Ms. Wine therefore refuses to allow the project into the science carnival until Consumer Ed suddenly arrives and then she decides on the spot to make a special category in the science carnival for the dreamers and free thinkers.

Title Reference[edit | edit source]

"Weird Science" is the title song to the film by the same name. It was written and performed by the group Oingo Boingo.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The relation of Alvin and Dave is a possible allusion to Alvin and David Seville in the franchise Alvin and the Chipmunks.
  • ALF claims that he went to dental school since it was the easiest subject on Melmac, as Melmacians only have 4 teeth and ALF brushes only once a month. He was also called Mr. Science.
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