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[[de:Der Schritt in die Öffentlichkeit]]
[[de:Der Schritt in die Öffentlichkeit]]
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[[Category:ALF Episodes]]
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We Are Family is the twenty-fifth episode of ALF's second season. It originally aired on May 2, 1988.


The episode opens with Willie chiding ALF for racking up a $300 phone bill…well, that seems like a pretty good ingress to dealing with the larger financial problem. Right now we’re covering the phone bill, which is so high because of all the phone calls ALF been making. Then there’s the matter of additional fees for all the photos of his junk he’s been FedEx-ing to Brian.

Willie comes into the kitchen, and ALF scolds him, asking him if he ignored the sign on the door. It reads GENIUS AT WORK. ALF explains that he’s writing a press release. He’s decided to reveal himself to the world so that he no longer has to be in hiding. He’s upset because ALF seems to have forgotten that the government will scoop him up the moment he dangles his face-phallus in public. But Willie’s impassioned explanation of ALF’s possible fate at the hands of the Alien Task Force (or, as he calls them, “The Government”. ) that he would be trapped in a cage, wired up and only eat limited things like cerley. However ALF beileve that if he show himself to the world, him Willie will appear on Late Night with David Letterman and meets with Sandy Duncan.

ALF is dressed up and revealed that he called about 300 press conference, and the family just sits around and hope no conference come and try to talk some sense into ALF. Willie then comes in with a documentary about a Ugandan orangutan, and puts it in the VCR. The Tanners repeat what they just heard to ALF, they understand that ALF is totally like that orangutan. That when ALF finally realize the conquences If he did reveal himself and goes into a depression. Willie goes into his bathroom to take a bath, and sees ALF’s eating in the tub. ALF asks Willie how the graduation party was and Willie says fine and worried about ALF. ALF is depressed because he can’t reveal himself and make new friends. Lynn brought him more food and it open up his spared stomach and eat so horrifying that it scared Lynn and Willie into leaving.

Getting an idea, Kate tells ALF to get out of the tub because she wants to take a bath, and when he comes into the living room everyone yells surprise. Dorothy, Jody, Jake, Larry, and the family cheer ALF up by showing him that his world isn’t as limited as he thinks he is. ALF get some presents from his friends including a DVD player and a sweater. The Ochmoneks come over and they're looking for Jake, they didn't come because they always go dancing on Saturday nights and they weren't invited but quickly change their mind when Kate said it’s a tubberwear party.

At the end, Lynn tells ALF that he's having a good time there. Willie plays And the Band Played On for everyone as ALF goes to the kitchen as the song plays.



  • ALF: Tomorrow afternoon at 1 pm, I shall expose myself to the world.
    Willie: No. Absolutely not!
    ALF: You're right. Maybe I should put on some pants.

Title Reference

"We Are Family" was a 1979 dance hit song performed by Sister Sledge, music and lyrics by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers.

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