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Wayne Schlegel, Michigan Life and Casualty

Wayne Schlegel (of Michigan Life and Casualty) is an alter ego assumed by ALF after he loses his memory when he accidentally electrocutes himself (or falls and hits his head in the later altered version of the episode) while perusing insurance pamphlets.

The real Wayne Schlegel is married and having an affair with his secretary Brenda. He is also somewhat health conscious. In one of the Tanners' attempts to get ALF to remember himself , Brian serves a bunch of pastries in an attempt to trigger ALF's gluttony. However, ALF, still thinking like Wayne Schlegel, refuses the offer saying "What are trying to do kid, kill me with cholesterol?"

ALF, believing himself to be Schlegal, thinks he has gotten nowhere in trying to sell Willie a life insurance policy, so he bids the Tanners good day and tries to depart the Tanner residence when he is stopped by them. Under the impression he is being held against his will, ALF calls Brenda for help, explaining his situation to her. Brenda does not buy it and thinks he is inventing a story to get out of leaving his wife, so she calls Mrs. Schlegal to expose the adultery. ALF then calls 911 to have the Tanners arrested for false imprisonmentl. However, ALF regains his proper memory just in time. When the police arrive, they tell Kate and Willie that they arrested Mrs. Schlegal for assaulting her husband (as a result of Brenda's exposure) and that Mr. Schlegel was admitted to a hospital where he is in a coma as a result of the attack. Since Wayne Schlegal cannot be two places at once, the Tanners are not considered suspect. The police apologize to the Tanners for being embroiled in that domestic dispute, chalking up ALF's call as an attempt to throw Mrs. Schlegal and Brenda off the track.