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  • My occupation is Professional Tokyo demolisher
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Favorite TV ShowsEdit

  • Transformers: Prime plays on the Hub
  • G.I. Joe: Renegades plays on the Hub
  • The Transformers (Generation One) plays on the Hub
  • Transformers Animated originally played on Cartoon Network
  • The Three Stooges plays on American Movie Classics channel
  • Family Game Night plays on the Hub
  • Dan Vs. plays on the Hub
  • ALF, of course! originally played on NBC, currently plays on
  • Codename: Kids Next Door plays on Cartoon Network
  • Regular Show plays on Cartoon Network
  • Teen Titans plays on Cartoon Network
  • Futurama plays on Comedy Central (originally Fox)
  • The Amanda Show, originally played on Nickelodeon

Those Who I Think Are DespicableEdit

"YOu're DESPICABLE"- says Daffy Duck

    • Blamed ALF for eating one little rib and actually threatened to make him skip dinner for that before she saw the hound dog eat it (You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog)
    • Tried to make ALF stop writing and put away his pen, then even threatened to evict him in A Little Bit of Soap
    • Refuses to calm down just because there's a "small" cockroach loose in the kitchen in La Cucaracha
    • Kept thinking it was a bad idea to keep ALF in the house in the pilot episode
  • Refused to let ALF eat salmon in the living room, which isn't a big deal at all
  • Dorothy Heaver
  • Keeps using violent and insulting words on ALF like, "hiccuping furball from hell", "orange bathmat", and "mop from the moon" and "how would you like to be a sweater?", and threatens to use gunfire on ALF, get a baseball bat to hit ALF, teases ALF just because he's an alien and asks "what does he eat, kibble?", blames ALF that Kate doesn't appreciate her mother 100%, asks if they dumped the alien, pathetically refers to ALF as "it".
  • She deserves to be in the "Villains" category for the ALF Wiki

Shows I Find Similar to ALFEdit

  • The Transformers:

Both shows had 4 seasons, and their first 2 seasons were better than the last 2 seasons.

  • American Dad:

Both shows represent a family living with an alien. American Dad is unrealistic while ALF actually makes the audience decide the Tanners would do exactly what any American family would do if they had an alien crash into their home.

  • My Favorite Martian:

Both shows represent an alien coming to live with at least one human.

Top 10 Possible Reasons Why ALF Was CancelledEdit

10. NBC had WAY more shows to put on for broadcast, especially present time and the future

9. There were more shows involving science-fiction or alien life that were starting to throw away ALF

8. The cast members had too much difficulty in the production of ALF. For example, Andrea Elson suffered from bulimia and all 4 main characters were complaining about how they had to be patient with the slow controlling of a heavy puppet.

7. NBC at first thought ALF could get a spot on a new channel.

6. As time passed, reviews became less positive about the show.

5. Other shows were dropping the ratings of ALF.

4. The room set for production was burning slowly due to the intense heat for shooting the show.

3. NBC thought that all episodes of ALF were nearly the same, and wanted to finally make the attention garner into where ALF got captured by the Alien Task Force, and how ALF escaped with his life.

2. Since ALF: The Animated Series did not last very long, NBC tried to make the original run length of ALF similar to the cartoon's original run length.

1. A huge amount of the show's revenue was spent on merchandising, which meant the budget soon had to be dropped.

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