Two for the Brig

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"Two for the Brig"

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Season 1, Episode 3 of ALF: The Animated Series.

Gordon and Sergeant Staff go to prison after misplacing a top secret Orbit Guard engine.



In a live action framing sequence, ALF, in the present, unsuccessfully pitches his book to a publisher. He says that he has just finished writing chapter two of his memoir, which has the working title "Two for the Brig".


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In the closing live-action segment, ALF accidentally damages the semicolon on his typewriter.

Background information

Production history

  • Premiere airdate: October 10, 1987


  • In the closing credits, 'Melmacian' is pronounced "Mel-MAY-shin".
  • Although this was the third episode aired, ALF specifies it is the second chapter of his book. Additionally, he breaks the semicolon on his typewriter at the end of this episode, but fixes it at the beginning of the second aired episode, "Hair Today, Bald Tomorrow".
  • Gordon does an impression of Humphrey Bogart.
  • This episode refers to the Melmacian dog as a "vespa" for the first time.
  • This episode shows the symbol for a wernick for the first time.
  • Sherman Shumway was the Supreme Commander of the Orbit Guard. He had a great great grandson, which is implied to be Gordon.

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