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[[de:Der mysteriöse Fremde]]
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[[Category:ALF Episodes]]
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Turkey in the Straw is the seventh and eighth episode of ALF's third season. It originally aired from Nov 14-15, 1988.

Plot Summary[]

Part 1[]

A homeless person that goes by the name "Flakey" Pete has been hanging around the neighborhood. ALF has been setting out food and clothing for him. Willie finds Pete in the garage and offers to help him at the Social Services Department. Pete thinks Willie is trying to brush him off and leaves.

Turkey in the Straw 1.jpg

Pete discovers ALF and calls the Alien Task Force and asks about a reward. Initially, they think he's crazy, but then they notice that Raquel Ochmonek reported a sighting at the same address previously, so they decide to check it out. Since ALF ate the Tanner's Thanksgiving turkey, they were invited by the Ochmoneks for their Thanksgiving dinner. While the Tanners were at the Ochmonek's house, Flakey Pete goes inside and confronts ALF.

Part 2[]

Flakey Pete awaits the Alien Task Force and his reward for turning ALF in. When Flakey Pete figures out that the Alien Task Force might hurt ALF he changes his mind and pretends that he is an alien when the Alien Task Force arrives. They figure that he is just looking for a free meal and warn him not to call again.


In syndication, this episode is skipped when this show aired reruns. It only airs in November.

Title Reference[]

"Turkey in the Straw" is an American folk song from the early 1800s.