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Try to Remember (Part 1) Border Song

Try to Remember (Part 2)
is the seventeenth episode of ALF's first season. It originally aired on Feb. 9, 1987.

Plot SummaryEdit

Act ThreeEdit

The family is in the dining room and ALF warns him that the police will be harsh on him, and Willie reminds him about the time he actually was in jail. The phone rings and it is Brenda again. She apologizes for being rude earlier and suggests they meet in their usual place. ALF says that he is being held hostage, but is not believed and Brenda calls things off and tells him that she is going t tell Mrs. Schlaegel everything. Brian puts on the rock video ALF made to try and jog his memery. ALf is remined about his sense f humor. ALF's memory is slowly coming back to him when he starts talking about eating a cat. Brian goes to bring Lucky over and when ALF sees him, he snaps out of it. The police knock on the door and alf goes to hide.


A policeman is in the family and talks on the phone. He says that the real Wayne Schagel was in the hospital afer his wife got to him. He then warns about the electric mixer he found in the bathtub and Kate reiterates to ALF that water and electricity don't mix.

Title ReferenceEdit

"Try to Remember" is a song from The Fantasticks, originally sung by Jerry Orbach.

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