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Try to Remember is the sixteenth and seventeenth episode of ALF's first season. It originally aired on February 9, 1987.

Plot Summary

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In the original broadcast version of this episode, ALF receives an electrical shock when he takes the blender in the bathtub. At the commercial break, ALF makes an announcement to the audience that water and electricity don't mix.

Lynn is in the family room and ALF walks with an electric mixer or hand crank egg eater and says he will be in the whirling hot tub in anyone needs him. Kate walks in with the mail and ALF complains about all the mail he is getting from insurance salesmen. ALF goes into the bathroom and gets an electric shock (or slips and hits his head in the censored version) He then announces himself as Wayne Schlegel of Michigan Life and Casualty.

Act One

ALF tries to sell both of them an insurance plan, and Kate presumes that the injury gave him amnesia. Through flashbacks, Kate and Lynn try to jog his memory by telling him how his spaceship crashed in their garage. ALF offers a plan for roof damage. Wille and Brian come in unaware of his memory loss. Willie tells the story about how the family knew he was an alien. ALF calls Wayne's office, and his secretery answers. Alf discovers that Wayne is having an affair with his secretary Brenda, because she didn't know she wasn't talking to Wayne. ALF tries to leave and disovers that he is naked. They won't let him leave and he feels that he is a hostage.

Act Two

ALF and Willie are in the master bedroom and Willie tells ALF about how Kate disliked her at first. Kate is on the phone with Dr. Schnegmeyer  the family physician, and asks if there is a home remedy for amnesia, He suggests hitting him on the head with a rolling pin. Kate laments about how ALF's childhish behavior always causes trouble or gets him into jams. Kate wonders if she can get ALF insurance. Brian brings some food into the bedroom for ALF but he turns it down as being unhealthy  junk. Willie tries to convice ALF tha the is not human, by showing him a mirror. Willie warns him it is a dangerous world out there for him. Willie leaves the room and tries to find out if Kate had any sucess. Lynn suggests calling the psychiatric hotline but when he picks up the phone, ALF reveals that he called the police.

Act Three

The family is in the dining room and ALF warns him that the police will be harsh on him, and Willie reminds him about the time he actually was in jail. The phone rings and it is Brenda again. She apologizes for being rude earlier and suggests they meet in their usual place. ALF says that he is being held hostage, but is not believed and Brenda calls things off and tells him that she is going t tell Mrs. Schlaegel everything. Brian puts on the rock video ALF made to try and jog his memory. ALf is remined about his sense f humor. ALF's memory is slowly coming back to him when he starts talking about eating a cat. Brian goes to bring Lucky over and when ALF sees him, he snaps out of it. The police knock on the door and alf goes to hide.


A policeman is in the family and talks on the phone. He says that the real Wayne Schagel was in the hospital afer his wife got to him. He then warns about the electric mixer he found in the bathtub and Kate reiterates to ALF that water and electricity don't mix.


"Try to Remember" is a song from The Fantasticks, originally sung by Jerry Orbach. "Try to Remember" was originally a one-hour episode and the first clip show of the series. It was split into two parts for syndication.

It was written by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt.