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Trevor Ochmonek (played by John LaMotta) is a neighbor to the Tanner family and a recurring character on the ALF TV series. Trevor is married to Raquel Ochmonek and an uncle of Jake Ochmonek. Trevor is known for his poor taste of humor, thick New York City accent (he left New York because of the crime), loud mouth, frugality, constant bickering with his wife Raquel, and dropping in uninvited at the Tanners house, sometimes at odd times of the day, such as early in the morning or late at night. Due to these unannounced visits from Trevor and Raquel, and the Ochmonek's overall lack of respect for privacy toward the Tanners, keeping ALF hidden from them is a recurring obstacle on the show.

He always comes in to eat ALF's unfinished meal after coming in to the Tanners' house. In "Lookin' Through the Windows," he rudely took away all the corn and the plate holding the corn from the dinner table to his house. In "Strangers in the Night," he came in and took away ALF's pizza. In "Moving Out," he ate Willie's cream cheese Danish. In "Breaking Up is Hard to Do," he ate some of ALF's plate of ham and eggs. The Tanners have the right to somewhat sue him but never even confront him, although this could be that they want the Ochmoneks to leave immediately fearing they might see ALF or the Tanners don't have much ability to confront people.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Trevor Ochmonek was born in 1933, he was a pilot during the Korean War. However from 1950 to 1953, 3

Trevor was also a high school football quarterback for seven years. Once Trevor's glass eye is accidentally broken - it is uncertain whether Trevor is actually missing an eye, but it is known that he was injured during the Korean conflict. It is also known that Trevor once pursued a master's degree in art history, but it is unknown whether he completed the degree.

Trevor is allergic to shellfish, but occasionally indulges in it nonetheless. Trevor drives a Plymouth Duster.

Trevor at times mentions Korea, for example, in "La Cucaracha," he said cockroaches were everywhere.

Trevor appears to be left-handed.

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