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"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"

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In this ALF Tales episode, ALF and his friends retell the Legend of Sleep Hollow. ALF portrays the character of Ichabod Crane, and at the beginning of the story he arrives by Twentieth Century Limited Express train in the city of Sleepy Hollow. When he arrives, he heads straight to the Van Tassel Building, home of The Daily Hemisphere, looking for a job as a photographer.

He take the elevator straight up to the newsroom, where he meets Hendrick. Hendrick tells him that he is scheduled to meet the publisher Baultus Van Tassel in five minutes. When he enters Van Tassel's office, he meets the gorgeous secretary Katrina, Van Tassel's daughter.

Van Tassel immediately hires Ichabod Crane and sends him after the story of the Headless Horseman, who according legend lost his head in war. The three previous photographers disappeared without a trace. Van Tassel sends Ichabod with Brom Bones, who he says will probably marry his daughter. After the meeting, however, Katrina tells Ichabod that she wants to be with him instead (which is overheard by Brom Bones).

When Ichabod goes to meet Katrina for a date, he is followed by the Headless Horseman, who carries a jack-o-lantern in his hand. Ichabod gets caught in a dead end alley and the Headless Horsemen warns him to leave by the rising of the full moon the next night or he will die and then throws the jack-o-lantern at him.

Back at the office, Katrina is upset that Ichabod stood her up, but invites him to the party at her house. Brom Bones tries to start a fight but Ichabod flees the scene. As the full moon rises, the headless horseman appears, an Ichabod runs away, commandeers a horse, and plays chase with the headless horseman. He then discovers that Brom Bones, Van Tassel, Hendrick, and several others in the party were all posing as the headless horseman for various personal reasons. Ichabod gets fed up with the confessions and takes off with Katrina on his horse. When a much more authentic looking Headless Horseman appears, Ichabod and Katrina ride off at full gallop.

"The Legend of Sleep Hollow" is a short story by Washington Irving.