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The Ballad of Gilligan's Island, also known as Somewhere Over the Rerun is the second episode of ALF's second season. It originally aired in September 28th, 1987.
Gilligan's Island

Plot Summary

ALF dreams of being on Gilligan's Island, so he has been remaking the Tanner residence into an imagined paradise. He thinks life is a breeze on Gilligan's Island, where coconut creme pies are plentiful. ALF's transformation of the backyard into the "Great Tanner Reef" and diversion of the house's water main gets him punished by being made to refill the hole. While asleep from working hard, he has a dream where he actually finds himself on Gilligan's Island and is met by Gilligan and Skipper, who are working on a minature golf course. They take him to meet Maryann and the Professor (it is explained that Ginger and the Howells are on the other side of the island). ALF learns that there are no more coconut creme pies due to the castaways' aging and being concerned about blood sugar. ALF also learns that the castaways are depressed from being away from civilization for so long. They are bored and tired from doing the same thing for 23 years like eating fruits, coconut pies, Gilligan get hit on the head with a hat, etc. Through a makeshift TV built by the Professor, (made from bamboo, transistor tubes and a 19-inch tube that fell off a cruise ship and washed ashore), the castaways watch their favorite TV show, The Tanners, a program about the Tanner family! Gilligan and the castaways pine for a mundane life in suburbia like the Tanners and to once again eat apple pie. Through the TV, Willie says to ALF that he got more than he bargained for by being on Gilligan's Island. ALF screams to be rescued, only to be awoken. ALF learns his lesson to be appreciative of living with the Tanners.

Title Reference

"The Ballad of Gilligan's Island" is the title of the theme song to the Gilligan's Island TV series.

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