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Tequila is the twenty-fourth episode of ALF's second season. It originally aired on March 28, 1988.



The episode starts out with Kate preparing for a visit from her old college roommates and ALF and Lynn are polishing the silver. Lynn doesn’t want to do this, and will take any release she can get. The same tired jokes coming out of the same tired alien represent a small escape and she laughs at every single one of them. Then Willie and Brian come home with groceries, and Willie screams at his wife to drop whatever she’s doing and come open the door for him.

ALF wrote on the wall and said WELCOME DORM QUEENS. Kate’s gasp of horror when she notices this rings false. Instantly a wealth of ideas present themselves as alternative solutions, especially since the groceries just arrived and she hasn’t even started preparing dinner. There’s some crayon on the wall and Willie, who gives up after five seconds of caressing it with a damp napkin.

Kate calls her pals and arranges to meet them at a restaurant on their old campus. She calls home to tell Willie that a friend will be spending the night. As soon as the other two depart, Kate starts telling Maura how proud they all are of her, and of what she’s accomplished. Maura begins to cry, admit that her husband had a fight and needs a place to stay and Kate believably doesn’t know how to handle it. As Willie covers the sign with paint, Kate calls Willie and explain the situation. Willie said that Maura can sleep on the couch, but ALF climbs a ladder with a bucket of paint and fell off the ladder and the paint spread on the couch.

At night, Maura came in and welcome by the Tanner and sleep on a spare bed in living while their couch get cleaned up. Later at night Maura is seen drinking Tequila, and see ALF getting a snack and happily greets him as if she known him. It revealed that Maura assumes ALF is her imanginary drinking buddy named Sammy and invites him to have a drink. Maura tells ALF — who she still thinks is Sammy — that he shows up whenever she drinks, arriving around the third margarita and leaving sometime during her blackout.

Later, Willie and Kate hear ALF stumbling drunkenly around the house. ALF comes into the room and they found out that he have a hangover and said that he was drinking with Maura who called a booze hag which greatly upsets Kate. As Kate goes to the bathroom to freshin up, Willie remembers that in college, they used to call Maura “Boilermaker” because she drank 19 boilermaker in one night. As Kate comes out the bathroom, ALF ran to the bathroom to puke. Willie tells Kate that he beileve ALF is right about Maura being an alcoholic because of the college nickname. Kate is surprised because of how successful Maura is, but Willie points that she’s also miserable at the same time and Kate decided to talk to her.

At breakfast, Lynn asked Willie to drive her to school since her friend car broke down. Willie agreed, and Lynn asked Maura how is her husband and it caused Maura to starts crying again which led Willie guides Lynn out of the room. Kate confronts Maura about her drinking problem. Kate gently asks her how much she drank, leading the conversation without being confrontational. Maura defends herself by saying she’s under a lot of stress and is fighting with her husband. ALF appeals to Maura’s sadness and desperation, and gets her to admit she has a problem. When Kate allows herself to understand that Maura has a problem, she is finally ready to help Maura with that problem.

At the end, ALF has a letter arriving from Maura, who assures the Tanners that even though she will never be seen again, she’s doing great and will be forever. Kate thanks ALF and tells him that they owe him “a big one” which ALF agreed and want a new cheese wheel.


Title Reference

  • "Tequila" was a 1958 song by The Champs.


  • ALF originally wanted to drink beer in the pilot episode. However, he is against beer now that he knows of the negative effects of alcohol.
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