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The Tanner Family(Left to Right) Willie, Lynn, Kate, and Brian

The Tanner family is the family and are the deuteragonists of ALF, and whose garage ALF crashed his spaceship in the pilot episode A.L.F.. Since the crash the Tanner family has been both hiding and protecting ALF from the Alien Task Force, a military organization that hunts down extra terrestrial aliens on Earth. The family consists of the social worker Willie, his wife Kate, their children Lynn and Brian, and their cat Lucky. In the third season finale episode, Having My Baby, a new member of the family was born, Eric. Although the exact date of Willie and Kate's wedding is unknown, they do celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary in the 4th season, implying that they were married in 1968.

The Tanners reside at 167 Hemdale in Los Angeles, California and their phone number is 555-4044. They own a 1982 Ford station wagon. Their next door neighbors are the Ochmoneks. Several people have wanted to stay or visit at the Tanners' home, one of the most challenging obstacles for the family. Those people include the Ochmoneks, Brian's friends (such as David who requested a sleepover), Maura Norris, Neal Tanner, Kate's mother Dorothy, and Whizzer. The Tanners have always tried to hide ALF from everybody they know, but several people do find out, but keep it a secret.

In Project: ALF, it is revealed that the Tanners were relocated by the Federal Witness Protection Program after the capture of ALF by the Alien Task Force. They first moved to Mozambique but relocated to Reykjavik, Iceland because they were displeased with the school system. It is unknown if ALF has been able to find his way back to the Tanners, but the government officers have mentioned that the Tanners have no communication available yet.

Nuclear family

Extended family