Hi, I have an Alf lamp- time for bed. Alien Productions 1987. Does anybody know if and how much it's worth as I can't find it anywhere on the net? Thank you

It's difficult to put a value on these items, but in my personal opinion the general demand for vintage ALF memorbilia is not high enough to drive the price very high.  Usually, if you just keep checking on eBay periodically, you will enventually find what you are looking for at a reasonable price.  Sometimes people will try to charge an enormous price for some of these things thinking that diehard ALF collectors will pay this prices, but as I said, I believe that the demand is not high enough to warrant this and I certainly wouldn't pay a lot for the lamp.  Furthermore, there were probably a lot of these lamps made, so it is probably not sufficiently rare to drive up the price.

samstokes80 22:22, October 10, 2013 (UTC)

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