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Strangers in the Night is the second episode of the first season of ALF.

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It originally aired on Sept. 29, 1986.

Plot Summary

ALF decides to have some fun while a nervous Mrs. Ochmonek baby-sits Brian.

Act one

ALF narrates that it started like any other night. Meatloaf for dinner the third time that week.

ALF and Brian are playing with a transformer robot called "Missile Man " ALF accidentally breaks it and apologizes. Kate sends Brian to wash up for bed. Kate, Lynn, and Willie are preparing for a wedding shower. Kate is trying to find the yellow ribbon to wrap their gift (a blender). Willie finds the ribbon but it is wet. Alf says they were out of dental floss. The phone rings and Herb at the office tells Willie that the computer crashed and he will need to reload the backups because the budget is due the next day. This leaves nobody at home to babysit Brian. ALF volunteers but the Kate and Wille want a human babysitter. The decision is made to ask Mrs. Ochmonek.

After Kate and Lynn have left Willie puts ALF in his bedroom and gives him some things to keep him occupied: A comic book and a jigsaw puzzle. Mrs. Ochmonek arrives and Willie gives her instructions on what to do. Willie leaves and Mrs. Ochmonek sits on the couch and turns on the TV. Psycho is on. ALF finishes eating the jigsaw puzzle and hears the TV. He comes out as he wants to see the movie. Mrs. Ochmonek hears him and he rushes back into the master bedroom. Mrs. Ochmonek tries to open the door but ALF has blockaded it.

ALF then orders a pizza and asks them to leave it by the oak tree in the backyard. He then opens the bedroom window to go outside and wait for the pizza. He falls out and screams. Mrs. Ochmonek hears this and calls Trevor to come over.

Acts two and three

Trevor comes over and they search the bedroom finding nothing. ALF then comes back inside by the back door. While in the kitchen he closes the refrigerator door on Lucky's tail. Lucky meows in pain and Raquel heads toward the kitchen to investigate. The doorbell rings. Raquel looks through the window and sees the pizza man. She is confused because she didn't order one. The delivery man says it already paid for on a house account. After he leaves Raquel puts the pizza on the kitchen pass through ledge and calls Trevor and asks him if he ordered it. Meanwhile Alf took the pizza from there and Raquel notices that it is gone Trevor comes over and tells Trevor that it disappeared. While they are not looking, ALF puts it back. Trevor takes the pizza home with him.

ALF puts on a blue dress and then Willie calls. ALF answers the phone. Raquel tries to answer it, but leaves when it stops ringing. Willie says he wanted to speak to Mrs. Ochmonek and will call back. ALF answers it again. ALF says what is going on and Willie says he is coming home.

Mrs Ochmonek is watching TV and hears some noise outside. She sees someone in the bushes and calls Trevor, who jokes that maybe it was another pizza. Raquel then calls the operator asks what the number is for 911.

ALF is sitting on the bed and a burglar enters through the window. While he is filling his bag with things ALF asks if he can have a word with him. ALF tells the thief that what he's doing is wrong. The thief says that ALF must be a talking doll. ALF replies "Oh yeah? Ever have a talking doll rip out your voice box?" The thief screams in horror and jumps out the open window. Mrs Ochmonek is startled by this, and Willie arrives home. She tells him what has been happening. The door opens again and Raquel grabs a cane and swings it at the opening door. After she calms down, Lynn takes her the kitchen while Kate and Willie check on ALF. The room is a mess and he tells them about the thief. They do not believe him until they discover things are missing and finds the thief's flashlight on the floor. Lynn enters and tells them that the police have arrived. The lead cop tells Willie and Kate that the thief chased their car and told them that he stole their things. They see their missing items. The lead cop then says that the thief claimed he saw "some hideous creature with a huge nose" and adds "wearing a blue dress." The cop says the thief claimed it talked to him. Mrs Ochmonek (who is wearing blue) then leaves, the cop looks at her and after she is gone he says "At least he can't plead insanity." After they leave, ALF asks someone to unzip him.


It is shown what happened next to the characters which appeared on the show.

The burglar is put in a mental hospital, Raquel and Trevor watch more baseball, ALF gets more pizza.

Title Reference

"Strangers in the Night" is a song by Charles Singleton, Eddie Snyder, and Bert Kaempfert. It was made popular by Frank Sinatra.


  • This is the first time ALF has mentioned of knowing about an Earth film, which was the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho. He explains that Melmac for unknown reasons had knowledge of Earth's media, but there is proof that radio transmission from Melmac to Earth is feasible.
  • The Transformer robot "Missile Man" does not actually exist in the real Transformers franchise.
  • The epilogue is not available commercially due to syndication cutting.
  • Antagonist: The Burglar
  • This is the first time ALF is shown wearing clothing.
  • First time ALF is shown ordering a pizza.
  • After ALF lets himself in through the door, you can see Mrs. Ochmonek eating a bag of Jolly Time popcorn, meaning Alien Productions may have used product placement.
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