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Stairway to Heaven is the second episode of ALF's third season. It originally aired on Oct. 10, 1988.


Plot[edit | edit source]

The episode starts with the Tanners outside getting ready to play croquet. Willie announces that he and Kate are going to compete against the reigning Tanner croquet champions, Brian and Lynn. ALF accidentally injures Willie while playing croquet although ALF was playing by the rules of "mucksucking". The family helps Willie into the house while ALF reflects on the fact that today he broke Willie’s windshield, then Willie’s power saw, and now he broke Willie. ALF then wonders what life would be like if he’d never come to Earth and accidentally conks himself on the head with the croquet mallet.

When ALF gets inside the house, he rubs his head and enters the dining area. The Tanners are eating without him, and for a while it seems as though they’re just ignoring him to teach him a lesson. He has a dream that an angel named Bob comes to give him a new life. ALF tells Bob that the poor Tanners must be miserable without him, and Willie gushes about how perfect their lives are, which is timed perfectly and strictly should be. The non-existent anonymous neighborhood kids disappear into the back yard to see Brian’s new pool slide. ALF comments that the yard isn’t big enough for a pool, and Bob says that the Tanners bought the Ochmoneks’ house and demolished it. Angel Bob takes ALF to see what his life is like without the Tanners. Because the world doesn’t and never did exist outside of the living room set, we’re taken to a cosmetics factory. These two run out the clock by talking back and forth in non-humorous circles about the boss of Cosmique Cosmetics, drawing it out long and painfully before Angel Bob takes them into the boss’s office. Then, Angel Bob goes into an even longer explanation of how ALF got the job.

ALF wonders how he’s able to operate in public without the Alien Task Force hunting for him. Angel Bob explains that ALF paid off the national debt with his fortunes, so the president called them off. Angel Bob snaps his fingers and they go to Heaven. Then he’s informed that he won’t remember the Tanners in his new life, and he becomes worried because he’ll miss them. Bob agrees to take ALF down to see the Tanners one last time. ALF notices that there are some changes at home. Willie smokes on a pipe, Kate plays chess, Brian plays golf, and Lynn plays the bassoon. ALF tells Bob that he tells him it was a mistake because without ALF, The Tanners are not only bored, but they are boring people who don’t spend time together and don’t know how to have fun. He wakes up and realizes he's home and Willie apologizes to him for yelling out loud to him.

The short scene before the credits actually has a pretty clever idea: ALF calls Bloomingdales and tries to sell them on the idea of his radiator fluid perfume.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Title Reference[edit | edit source]

"Stairway to Heaven" is the name of a song by Led Zeppelin.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • ALF has another story concerning his fate when he is captured by the government in Project: ALF. However, he became an ambassador and was released to freedom. ALF possibly does wish to stay with the Tanners and could be searching for them after Project: ALF, unless he rather decided to wait for Rhonda and Skip, which was his plan that would have been carried out in Consider Me Gone if the government hadn't intercepted and decoded the radio transmission and captured him.
  • The plot is a parody on the film It's A Wonderful Life. Both this episode and the film are about the main character regretting to have made a wish that was granted by his guardian angel.
  • Antagonist: Bob
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