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Danny Duckworth 8
Hulu 6
ALF: The Complete First Season 3
The Ballad of Gilligan's Island/Script 1
Jaguar 1
ALF Ice cream 1
Alex Adam "The Ol' Alfer" 1
Neesbeckian 0
House Fly 0
Gwegon 0
Green Melcian Blood 0
Giraffe 0
Dust 0
Chicken 0
Destructinator 0
ALF: The Complete Fourth Season 0
Chef Alf 0
Cat smoothies 0
Baby Love/Script 0
Armadillo 0
ALF Tales: ALF and the Beanstalk (DVD) 0
ALF Club 0
ALF: The Complete Third Season 0
ALF: The Complete Second Season 0
The Goldbergs 0
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