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[[Category:ALF Episodes]]
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[[de:Schluckauf Marke Melmac]]
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Something's Wrong With Me is the eighth episode of ALF's second season. It originally aired on November 9, 1987.
Something's Wrong With Me

Plot SummaryEdit

ALF gets a severe case of hiccups after being excluded from Dorothy and Whizzer's wedding party. According to Melmacian medicine there are two cures: fresh Cat juice and something so disgusting that ALF does not want to mention it. In order to save the wedding, the Tanners try to give him fake Cat juice.


  • ALF: Traditions are like plates: they're made to be broken.

  • Willie: Say what's this?
  • ALF: Oh, that's just nuclear waste for my spaceship. Hey, don't worry. Life on this planet will exist as long as that little lid doesn't pop off.
  • (The lid has come off. Willie is terrified)
  • ALF: (looking inside) Oh, wait a minute. These are my crayons.

Title ReferenceEdit

"Something's Wrong With Me" was a 1972 Austin Roberts song.

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