Maura Norris, also known as "Boiler-maker" has an imaginary drinking buddy named Sammy.

The name of Maura Norris' imaginary drinking buddy. Maura mistakes ALF for Sammy in disguise.

When Kate meets with her old friends from school, she feels inadequate because she believes that they have all achieved so much more than she has. She admires Maura Norris, in particular, because she is a successful lawyer that has even tried a case in front of the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, Maura is battling a serious problem with alcohol and has an imaginary drinking buddy named Sammy. When she thinks ALF is Sammy, she drinks with him, causing ALF to get intoxicated, then hungover the following morning. When Kate asks Maura about her alcoholism, ALF appears before both of them. When Maura sees "Sammy" appearing when she is sober, she admits to Kate she needs professional help.

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