Raquel Ochmonek
Raquel Ochmonek is the wife of Trevor Ochmonek, and the aunt to Jake Ochmonek. She is the sister in law of Sirial Ochmonek and his wife Elaine. Raquel is often grumpy and impatient, making her a negative character towards the protagonists - ALF and the Tanners. However, one episode that emphasized sympathy for her was Take a Look at Me Now.


She is a very mean neighbor and when she and Trevor have a fight and he moves out, she constantly spies on him, coming to the conclusion that he was having an affair with the widow Myrna Byrd (he, however was borrowing milk). She and her husband Trevor are constantly dropping in uninvited on the Tanners. In the pilot episode, she once saw ALF out the window, (who she thought was a mixed breed of a kangaroo and an aardvark). ALF at the second time viewing out the window shook with a red towel at her, then ran out.

Raquel and Trevor often argue with each other, with Trevor always wanting to escape the argument while Raquel wants to immediately verbally end the argument with Trevor. ALF enjoys watching so in Lookin' Through the Windows, as he gave Trevor 9 points and Raquel 3 and a half points.

As Raquel often snoops on other people in the neighborhood, ALF also snoops on the Ochmoneks at times. ALF is seen using opera glasses to watch the Ochmoneks fight through Kate and Willie's bedroom window, and he also admits that he sometimes crawls under peoples' houses and hears things.

In Stairway to Heaven, ALF dreamed if his existence was taken away from the Tanners' lives, then they would have been wealthy and their maid would be Mrs. Ochmonek. The Tanners actually took up a bigger residence by demolishing where the Ochmoneks would have lived. Trevor's fate was however not explained. Mrs. Ochmonek is asked to belch for Mrs. Tanner and picked up the broken crystal vase that Willie tipped off the table in hopes of relieving his boredom.

Family RelationshipsEdit


Trevor Ochmonek (husband)

Jake Ochmonek (nephew)

Elaine Ochmonek (sister-in-law)

Sirial Ochmonek (brother-in-law)

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