Willie awkwardly making small talk with Randy Boylan.

Randy Boylan is a center for the high school football team. His trouble in English seems to stem from a poor vocabulary, as when Willie casually asks Randy how he is doing, Randy responds with simple monosylabbic words (although in later episodes it does appear Lynn's tutoring is working as Randy does grasp more complex words). Lynn tutors him in English but is not romantically interested in him. She uses Randy as a cover to see Eddie behind her parents' backs.

Randy has a mild romantic interest in Lynn and a scene ensues when Lynn agrees to go to a dance with him, as friends, as Danny Duckworth is interested in going steady with Lynn. Due to a misconstrued phone call answered by ALF, Danny is outraged that Lynn was supposedly two-timing hi with Randy. When Danny and Randy nearly end up fighting, Lynn chastizes Danny for treating her like his turf, but also says that Randy does not have to be macho for her sake. Lynn defuses the fight on the basis that she was dateless for the dance and so was Randy, and Danny gives his approval, whereupon he allows Randy to take Lynn to the dance as his date knowing that the two are going as friends.

After the dance, Lynn and Danny have a serious talk and decide to go steady.

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