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Eddie, a substitute novelist comes to the Tanner house.

Promises, Promises is the sixth episode of ALF's third season. It originally aired on Oct. 31, 1988.


In this episode, Lynn is seeing an older man named Eddie, even though Kate and Willie don't approve. ALF promises to keep the secret and accidentally lets it slip.

Lynn ends up being grounded because of this, and she stops speaking to ALF. He tries to make her forgive him, but nothing works. Then one day, Willie wants them to make up. Lynn purposely told ALF's secret about breaking one of Kate's belongings to retaliate, and the two still didn't make up.

Brian tells Lynn that ALF is leaving because of her and Lynn thinks Brian is just being a baby and ALF always said that he can't fix his ship. Brian sadly and angerly told Lynn that she's the real baby because she won't talk to ALF even though he already felt bad and tried to fix and told her to grow up leaving her room crying. Lynn, relazing Brian is right,  goes out and tells him that he should stay.

Title Reference

"Promises, Promises" is the title song of a musical by Burt Bacharach, Hal David, and Neil Simon.


  • Brian is absent for most of the episode until near the ending.
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