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Throughout the ALF franchise there have been several sightings of ALF by various people including main characters, supportive characters, and guest stars (excluding dreams [including Tonight, Tonight: Part 1 and Part 2] etc). Here is a list of people who have seen ALF; altogether about 94. Of these, 58 people interacted with ALF (see Note #4 below).

ALF (TV series)[]

Character Role Allegiance First Sighting
Season 1
Willie Tanner Main - father GOOD A.L.F.
Kate Tanner Main - mother GOOD A.L.F.
Lynn Tanner Main - daughter GOOD A.L.F.
Brian Tanner Main - son GOOD A.L.F.
Raquel Ochmonek Main - neighbor GOOD A.L.F.
Burglar Guest Star VILLAIN Strangers in the Night
Keith Guest Star VILLAIN Looking for Lucky
Man and daughter (buying cat) Guest Stars NEUTRAL Looking for Lucky
Jody Guest Star GOOD For Your Eyes Only
2 Hunters Guest Star VILLAIN On the Road Again
Dorothy Halligan Supportive - grandmother NEUTRAL Mother and Child Reunion
Luis Mancia Guest Star GOOD Border Song
Dr. Larry Dykstra Supportive - friend GOOD Going Out of My Head Over You

Season 2

4 Monks from the Brothers of the Peaceful Dominion Guest Stars


Wedding Bell Blues
Ed Guest Star GOOD Some Enchanted Evening
Bernice Guest Star GOOD Some Enchanted Evening
Walter Burke Guest Star GOOD Some Enchanted Evening
Felicia Burke Guest Star GOOD Some Enchanted Evening
Eric "Lizard" Guest Star GOOD Some Enchanted Evening
4 other party goers Guest Stars GOOD Some Enchanted Evening
Old Cat Lady at 165 Guest Star NEUTRAL Some Enchanted Evening
Gravel Gus Guest Star NEUTRAL Night Train
Mr. Foley Guest Star GOOD ALF's Special Christmas (Part 1)
Katy, James, and at least 33 others at the hospital Guest Stars NEUTRAL ALF's Special Christmas (Part 1)
Tiffany Guest Star GOOD ALF's Special Christmas (Part 1)
Nurse Hilliard Guest Star NEUTRAL ALF's Special Christmas (Part 1)

Denise and her baby

Guest Stars GOOD ALF's Special Christmas (Part 2)
Jake Ochmonek Supportive - neighbor GOOD The Boy Next Door
Uncle Albert Guest Star Died when seeing ALF We're So Sorry, Uncle Albert
Maura Norris Guest Star GOOD Tequila
Season 3
Flakey Pete Guest Star VILLAIN (part 1) Turkey in the Straw: Part 1
GOOD (part 2) Turkey in the Straw: Part 2
Betty Susla Guest Star VILLAIN Alone Again, Naturally
Nick Susla Guest Star NEUTRAL Alone Again, Naturally
Elliot Guest Star NEUTRAL Baby Love
Eric William Tanner Supportive - son GOOD Having My Baby
Season 4
Neal Tanner Guest Star GOOD The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Whizzer Deaver Guest Star GOOD Break Up to Make Up
George (He thinks ALF is a dog making himself a sandwich) Guest Star NEUTRAL It's My Party

2 men (with a tire iron) outside of Sunset Villa (Heard saying: "Hey, I think it went that way. Did you see it? It was the ugliest thing I ever saw. Did you catch the nose on that thing?" Later: "Let's try to take him alive. I know he is here, i can smell his breath. Can we mess with him first?")

Unseen Characters VILLAIN When I'm 64
Jack Guest Star GOOD When I'm 64
Bernie Guest Star GOOD When I'm 64
Rebecca Guest Star GOOD When I'm 64
Louise Beaumont Guest Star GOOD When I'm 64
Homeless man (He warns Willie in the park about ALF "the little guy") Guest Star NEUTRAL Hungry Like the Wolf
6 military officials Extras VILLAIN

Consider Me Gone

  • Note #1: Raquel first glimpes ALF through the Tanner's window in A.L.F. In the episode Take a Look at Me Now, Raquel Ochmonek sees ALF in the Tanners backyard and tries to report it to the media. No one believes her and she begins to think she's gone crazy. To let her know she's not crazy, ALF broadcasts a message to her telling her he's real. However, he tells her he is in space and doesn't allow her to know he is staying with the Tanners. As a result, Raquel is still fully unaware of ALF in all following episodes.
  • Note #2: In the episode For Your Eyes Only, ALF befriends a blind woman named Jody and moves in with her briefly. Due to her blindness, Jody never realizes ALF is an alien.
  • Note #3: In the episode Tequila, Kate's friend Maura Norris saw ALF not knowing he is an alien since Maura was mentally compromised from drinking alcohol.
  • Note #4: The people in the hospital (including Katy and James) (ALF's Special Christmas (Part 1)) did not interact with ALF, thinking he is a toy animal.
  • Note #5: In the episode Wedding Bell Blues, ALF tells Willie that he hitchhiked to the Brothers of the Peaceful Dominion. If that is the truth he was probably seen by the people who gave him a lift, but it could have been a joke as well.

Project ALF[]

People who saw ALF on the movie Project: ALF will not be listed here since they are numerous and the overwhelming majority of the onscreen characters see ALF during the course of the movie.