ALF with box of Orbit Guard equipment.

The Orbit Guard was Melmac's only military. Before Melmac never exploded, ALF was an Orbit Guardsman for more than a dozen years. The Orbit Guard's motto was "Guard the Orbits... Whether they need it or not." During basic training, ALF and all Orbit Guardsman learned how to pilot a space patrol ship, fire a solar blaster, and burp in three languages. One night, while ALF was out in his Orbit Guard patrol ship, Melmac exploded in nuclear war. Due to Melmac's explosion, ALF's Patrol Ship was sent hurtling into deep space. If he had not been wearing his seat belt, ALF would now look like Sean Penn. ALF was arrested after consulting with the Prince, but escaped & went into lightspeed to escape the Federation & a blast of energy missiles caused his steering controls to break

Orbit Guard Code of Honorthumb|link=

1. If you open it--close it!

2. If you drop it--pick it up!

3. If you break it--fix it!

4. If it moves--eat it!

The Melmacian Orbit Guard has been described as, "A cross between the National Guard and the Vienna Boys Choir."

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