Neal and Margaret

Neal with his ex-wife Margaret.

Neal Tanner, played by Jim J. Bullock, was one of Willie's two known brothers (Rodney is mentioned but never seen). He moves in with the Tanners after his divorce from Margaret. He is obsessed with thanking his brother & sister-in-law for providing shelter for him. Neal later returns the favor by letting ALF stay at his apartment with him for a while after ALF has an argument with Willie. Willie warns Neal that ALF can be difficult to live with, but decides it is a good idea if Neal takes ALF in. True to form, ALF's nonstop party animal ways prove to be too much for Neal and nearly threaten both his job and place with Neal's landlady. Willie, now rested from a few ALF-free days, comes to take ALF back. Neal actually has a boost in self-confidence by telling ALF off for his loutish attitude and ordering him to get out.

Neal was in the storm door business before his divorce, but quit abruptly and became a handyman at an apartment complex.

Neal decided to divorce Margaret because she took advantage of him in every domestic duty in the household. Believing it will make life easier for him, Neal planned to marry her again. He would have married Margaret again in "Love on the Rocks," but realizing that he doesn't accept her anymore, they chose not to go through with it, but remained friends.

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