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The Melmacian Water Trump is a water-sucking tree from Melmac, it is a pure-blood, however, it is classified into the Domain Eukarya & Kingdom Plant by Humans, It is both an animal & plant, however, it is not classified as a half-blood, It is classified that it's appearance makes it look like a half-blood.



The natural behavior of the Melmacian Water Trump is passive, or inactive to movement. It is however deadly for it's lethal tentacles that suck the water, If any animal is caught, the Melmacian would be sucked into the tree & be digested or would be sucked dry & would be killed after all of its water is gone.


The tree is made of a reactor holding a core of nuclear fusion, the tree could explode & create a powerful core reactor meltdown that could take out at least from 1/4 to 1/3 of the entire planet, (quite possibly more than that, if there are at least 2 trees close enough to explode with it) the Federation made a law forbidding the Water Trump to be near populated sections of the planet.

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