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The Melmacian Calendar is the calendar used on Melmac. It consists of twelve months:

  • Harble (January)
  • Tarble (February)
  • Gorruf (March)
  • Kilmer (April)
  • Gagg (May)
  • Orring (June)
  • Barp (July)
  • Twangle (August)
  • Fanfan (September)
  • Nathinganger (October)
  • Anerva (November)
  • Fibble (December)

Melmacians use following mnemonic device to remember the amount of calendar days for each month.[1]


This photo of the poem's transcription found in an official ALF calendar from 1988 shows that the publishers were not the sharpest students of Melmac, because they made the following errors when transcribing the poem: Misspelled Fanfan as "Fan fan"; didn't capitalize Orring; misspelled Gorruf as "Gorruff".

30 days has Fanfan,
Kilmer, Orring and Anerva,
All the rest have 49
Except for Gorruf,
Which has 57 every 438 years.
(Give or take.)

Melmacian holidays and events for Earth year AD 1988:[2]

Harble (January)
None listed.

Tarble (February)
1st: Take A Bus Day
21st: Dance With A Neighbor Day
29th: National Silence Week Begins

Gorruf (March)
16th: Mandatory Toenail Clipping Day
25th: Honor Your Hat Day

Kilmer (April)
6th: Second Mother's Day
22nd: The Check Is In The Mail Day
30th: Goomer's Birthday (Schools Closed)

Gagg (May)
3rd: Tie Up Your Furniture Day
31st: Official Beginning Of Shrimp (National Holiday)

Orring (June)
13th: Laugh At Your Uncle Day
27th: Eat Something Blue Day
28th: Spell Everything Backwards Day

Barp (July)
10th: Bouillabaseball Season Opens
15th: National Haircut Day

Twangle (August)
15th: Father's Day
23rd: Eat Off The Floor Day
26th: Wear A Plant Day

Fanfan (September)
4th: Sing With A Clam Day
29th: National "Stick A Sock On Your Head" Day

Nathinganger (October)
18th: Lift Your Friend Over Your Head Day
24th/31st: International Pudding Festival
29th: Dress Like A Bran Muffin Day

Anerva (November)
2nd: Summer Starts
12th: Bathe With A Policeman Day
26th: Melmac's Anniversary
27th: Summer Ends

Fibble (December)
6th: Seafood Olympics Begins
12th: Move The House To The Right Day
25th: Dip Your Head In Fudge Day
28th: Scream At A Shrub Day


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