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Melmac, as seen from space.

"Melmac was the name of my planet. It's also what it was made out of."

Melmac was a strange planet located in the Aldente Nebula in the Andromeda Galaxy. It was the homeworld of ALF. Residents of the planet were called Melmacians and they were characterized as being short, furry creatures who have remarkable longevity and multiple stomachs. Melmac was located six parsecs past the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster. Melmac was very much like Earth but it had two moons, it was oddly shaped and made of melmac. Melmac had green skies and blue grass, and it orbited a purple sun. (However, on "Turkey in the Straw: Part 2," ALF claims that Melmac has an orange sky and green clouds.)

The restaurant scene in the episode "Help Me, Rhonda" is the only time Melmac is shown on the ALF TV series.

Melmac's national pastime was mining for yogurt. The planet was once the intergalactic convention site for the Federation of Incredibly Strange Food Groups.

Melmac was destroyed on Nathanganger 28th, the birthday of Gordon "ALF" Shumway, according to the Melmacian Calendar (1985 on the Earth calendar), due to nuclear war; after his home planet exploded, ALF wandered through space for almost a year before uncrash-landing on Earth, although Lynn Tanner thinks that it was destroyed in Fanfan 45-8 (1986 on the Earth calendar).

Wildlife and Flora

Wildlife, Creatures, and Animals

  • Cat
  • Jaffee
  • Melmacian Cockroach
  • Melmassaur (extinct)
  • Orbit Gnat (extinct)
  • Slurf
  • Slugs
  • Vespa (extinct)
  • Vesta - Dog-like, but one of them is Neep
  • Blood Pansies
  • Dinnersaur (ALF Comics)
  • Bouillabaseball Fish (Extinct)
  • Salesman Dinosaur - These are creatures that inhabited Melmac before Melmacians. They're species name is not known, they are a cross of Dinosaurs and Salesmen.
  • Living Bread - From ALF comic 14, on a Scary Radio Show on Melmac, "Night of the living Bread", A Baker was making bread, but his yeast was mislabeled, it actually contained Irradiated Crutonium, this made giant mutated bread. They were soon destroyed by The Mexorcist.
  • Melmutants - First appeared in ALF comic 22, The Melmutants are Mutant Melmacians,  such as the X-Melmen and including their Arch Nemisis ( Which  is the most evil Melmutant of all), Magmeato.

Melmacian Animals and Creatures with Names

  • Modzilla - From ALF comic 4.
  • El Foggo - From ALF comic 1.
  • Aloe Vera - From ALF comic 7, During ALF's childhood when he was a baby, a Aloe Plant was being used by Bob to get gel from it to make [Antiseptic cream]]. Gordon accidently Spilled Water on it and it became a walking, talking female human-like-plant. She was a villain until she became good after Gordon said, "Nice Lady! Save Dali!", which Dali was a doll that Gordon had as a baby, Aloe Vera loved him and became a famous celebrity. Aloe Vera went became a World-Renowned Spokesplant, then had a successful career on T.V., which led to cassettes, best-selling books, and a Fortune-500 cosmetics firm. With a company having "Aloe Dolly" Toys.
  • Cloecatra - In ALF comic 31, the Queen of the cats during the "Alexis Dynasty".
  • The High Evolutionary - In ALF Annual 1, a very Powerful Being. Enemies with the Phoenix Woman.
  • Sentimels - In Super-sized ALF Holiday Special 2, Only one Sentimel was seen, the Sentimel was trying to destroy the X-Melmen. It was Defeated by ALF and Dark Kleenex of the X-Melmen.

All speicies



Executive Branch

Melmac was run by the Imperial Intergalactic Trade Federation. Due to nuclear war, the Imperial Federation enforced the laws of the surrounding planets, Melmac, Alvin, Alvin Heights, Dave(Object Kowal & Chiron), and Pluto; also, possibly, Mars. The Federation signed the Intergalactic Imperious Constitution, but due to the destruction of Melmac, the Federation enacted a new Imperious Constitution. This forbade Melmacian starships to leave a Federation-controlled section of the galaxy. ALF became an outlaw, whom the Federation pursued; he sneakily swept down to Earth to avoid persecution, only to have his ship crash-land there.

Legislative Branch

The Imperial Intergalactic Trade Federation formed the Imperial Senate, and it imposed a persecution law during Melmac's destruction. The document that restricted this action clearly stated that "no member of the Imperial Senate shall make a law working against the First Amendment," but this document was repealed when the Federation enacted a new one.

Judicial Branch

The Federation registered a trial for any law-breaker on any planet under Federation control. However, when the Federation enacted the Second Intergalactic Imperious Constitution, this justice system was abolished and replaced by disciplinary hearings with the Legislative and Executive Branches.


On Melmac, the economic values of various objects worked just about the exact opposite of Earth values:

Object Rank Value

Foam 1st $1,000
Bronze 2nd 950
Carpet 3rd 800
Grass 4th 750
Coal 5th 600
Silver 6th 500
Rust 7th 425
Dirt 8th 300
Cat Hair 9th 250
Foam Bottle caps 10th 100
Bronze Bottlecaps 11th 75
Silver Bottlecaps 12th 50
Bottlecaps 13th 1-25
Gold 14th 0

Melmacian Facts

Planetary Motto: Are you going to finish that sandwich?

Melmacian Anthem: "Dance till you drop", by Homer T. Swipe.

Melmacian Currency: Wernicks

National Flower: Roger the Turnip

National Mascot: Buster, the Groundhog

Melmacian Calendar

A year on Melmac consisted of 364 days excluding Sundays, 386 days if Sundays were included.

The twelve Melmacian months were: Harble, Tarble, Goruff, Kilmerl, Gagg, Orring, Barp, Twangle, Fanfan, Nathinganger, Anerva, and Fibble.

History of Melmac

Ancient History

Before Melmacians of Gordon Shumway's type existed, huge creatures, which resembled a cross between a dinosaur and an insurance salesman, used to roam Melmac.

Melmac was discovered 23,000 years ago when Harold Twink accidentally took the wrong exit for Neptune.

Recent History

By A.D. 3, Melmac was owned under a government policy of the then new Trade Federation.

In A.D. 5, The Federation enacted, signed, and ratified the first constitution.

In A.D. 6, the first prince was elected to the throne.

In 172, Melmacian Water Trumps ceased to be considered legal in nearby cities or to be concerned as pets or tree plants, and it ceased to be legal to own one.

In 345, the Melmacian Cockroach was discovered.

In 578, one of Melmac's neighboring planets, Gwegon, was invaded by Torks. The Federation declared war on Aktoerk, the main planet supplying these creatures, ultimately starting a huge war, which Melmacians of Gordon Shumway's time learned about in their history books as Galactic War I. In 1243, the war ended.

In 1298, the Gwegonians declared war on Melmac, and the Second Galactic War began. In 1306, that war ended.

In 1633, Bart Humphery's front lawn was proclaimed a national treasure.

In 1736, Green Beans were given the right to vote.

In 1847, Melmacians began using the word "weenie." Gordon Shumway never explained its Melmacian etymology to the Tanner family when he commenced to live with them and received the nickname of "ALF."

Reginald J. Shank was the first Melmacian to whistle.

Melmacians were unable to pronounce the word "Ohio" until 1956.

In 1923, Melmac won its first blue medal in the intergalactic Olympics for freestyle fainting and guppy chucking.

In 1902, Melmac set a galactic record in the exporting of over two million wind-up brassieres.

In 1980, The Federation declared a nuclear war, "Galactic War III," on the Andromedian Revolt Society, a rebel group on Torkwrish, another planet that was a combatant in the first war.

In 1986, Melmac exploded, the Federation ordered the signing of the second Constitution, and the war ended.

Presumably in 1990, the year the TV show ended, ALF's friends Skip and Rhonda explained that Melmacians had bought a new planet on which they could live. The new planet was already inhabited, so Melmacians negotiated with the native aliens on the planet. ALF said this when he decoded the message sent in the series finale, "Consider Me Gone."

In 2016 Philip Sandeman was elected to be the Illustrious Grand Leader of Melmac. Sandeman swept aside all contenders with voters incredibly keen on his infamous abilities to complete 50 headstand push ups, wax 200 bar on a night out and run 5k in under 20 minutes. Even more impressively he has squeezed 85mpg out of a 450bhp 1.6 automatic VW Golf and accurately predicted future oil prices. All hail Sandeman!

Melmacian Laws

Melmac had a number of laws which Terrestrial humans might have found bizarre. Among them were:

It was against the law for Melmacians to name their children after wood.

The biggest cause of arrest on Melmac was tickling a barber.

To operate a gas grill, most Melmacians had to own a license.

On Melmac, it was illegal to juggle your cousins.

On Melmac, dancing with a mailman was a federal offense.

On Melmac, waving at a halibut was against the law.


  • Beginning in 172, Melmacian Water Trumps were illegal to own in a populated area, especially one with a lake or ocean. Any violation of that law would result in severe penalties, either a possible life prison sentence or the death penalty.

Melmacian Holidays

  1. National Rag on the Martians Day
  2. Saint Melmac's Day
  3. Fappiano