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Lynn Tanner (born c. 1971) is one of the main human characters in ALF. She is Willie and Kate's only daughter. She is one of ALF's best friends since he arrived on Earth. She is the older sister of Brian and Eric. Her maternal grandmother is Dorothy and her maternal grandfather is "Sparky". She is the paternal niece of Neal Tanner, and the great-niece of Albert (Tanner?). She is the step-granddaughter of Whizzer, Dorothy's new husband. She is first shown at age 14/15 and in the last episode she is 18/19. Lynn Tanner was the eldest child of the Tanner family and their only daughter. She was a shy girl whom ALF tried to make more extroverted. Kate actually confided to Willie once that she was concerned her daughter was spending too much time with ALF, sardonically suggesting that if they weren't careful they might end up with half-alien grandchildren. One of ALF's ways to get Lynn to raise her confidence was entering her in a beauty contest. She dated a man nicknamed "Lizard". In later episodes she was seen starting relationships with a performer named Robert Sherwood and an athlete named Danny Duckworth. She can easily lose her appetite due to ALF's grotesque antics. Gordon Shumway (Alf) had a crush on her and did a song for her.


Lynn is an average height girl, beautiful, fair skin, thick curly shoulder length brown hair, green eyes, often wears sweaters, jeans or other girlish type of clothes, and small hoop earrings, she had braces but were taken off, often carries around her white minipurse.


- Season 1: 14/15

- Season 2: 15/16/17

- Season 3: 17/18

- Season 4: 18/19


  • Lynn does not appear in the Season 4 episode When I'm 64.