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Lookin' Through the Windows is the twenty first episode of ALF's first season.

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It originally aired on March 16, 1987.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

The Ochmoneks are fighting and ALF is peeking on them through the window. Willie tells ALF that he shouldn't be watching people through the window, but he can't resist the urge.

He peeks out the window at night and sees Trevor walking towards Raquel with an ice pick and thinks that he was trying to kill her. Later that night, he peeks out the window and sees Trevor burying something in the backyard.

With Raquel no where to be found, ALF decides to go over and investigate. When the Tanners go over to find ALF, they start to get suspicious, too. ALF calls the police and an officer comes over to investigate. In the end it is revealed that Trevor won a side of beef in a raffle and when it went rotten and stunk up the house, Raquel goes to stay with her mother. Trevor buried the side of beef in the backyard to get rid of it.

Title Reference[edit | edit source]

"Lookin' Through the Windows" is a song by Clifton Davis, recorded by The Jackson 5.

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