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When the original series episodes are rerun on TV and on the Lion's Gate DVD release, scenes from each episode were cut for length. This page lists known cuts in these versions of the episodes.

Season 1

Episode Number Date Aired Title Cut scenes in syndicated/DVD version Cuts on German DVDs
Pilot Unaired ALF Pilot
1-1 22 Sep 86 A.L.F. A prologue scene in the garage, where it is revealed that Lynn has a boyfriend named "Lash," was cut.
1-2 29 Sep 86 Strangers in the Night
  • Willie asks if they can get Mrs Ochmonek to watch Brian. He then explains to ALF why he can't watch Brian. ALF explains that he's joking. The intro doesn't break up the scene in the original version.
  • Intro shortened. Original episode has the intro running prior to the scene where the Tanners realize they need someone to sit with Brian.
  • Slightly longer scene of ALF sneaking through the hallway
  • Raquel calls Trevor to come over after seeing someone in the bushes before calling 911.
  • ALF tells the Tanners to lighten up as they leave the bedroom. Originally there was no act break following this scene.
  • A final scene where ALF does a voiceover explaining what happened to the burglar and Raquel and then he tells the Tanners about his night while he eats pizza and popcorn is cut
1-3 6 Oct 86 Looking for Lucky Parts of the scene in the animal shelter, in which Keith tries to audition for the man trying to buy a cat for his daughter (who is a producer) have been cut.
1-4 13 Oct 86 Pennsylvania 6-5000 ALF sings the theme to The Jetsons while he is working on the shortwave radio.
1-5 20 Oct 86 Keepin' The Faith
1-6 3 Nov 86 For Your Eyes Only The scene where Jody and ALF listen to Alvin and the Chipmunks was cut. The scene where Jody and ALF listen to Alvin and the Chipmunks was cut.
1-7 10 Nov 86 Help Me, Rhonda
  • ALF continues describing Ruth the Two Headed Nurse
  • Brian whispers to ALF to talk about the birthday presents he wants
  • Intro shortened
  • Rick tells ALF that he's spent a third of his life doing nothing. Skip says he's spent it the same way they all have, looking at girls.
  • Rick originally says "Check out those gams, she's got legs like a lunar landa
  • Skip and Rick tease ALF by singing "Help Me Rhonda." ALF tells his friends he'll miss them if something ever happened. The announcement is made for all Orbit Guards to man their battle stations. ALF wants to leave a message for Rhonda but decides not to. Rick tells Skip to pass over ALF's omelette
  • Willie says "It was the one with Rhonda in the title. Help Me Rhonda, Help, Help Me Rhonda"
  • Willie and Brian play "Help Me Rhonda" over the radio
  • Shots of Skip on the spaceship are cut during parts of the conversation. Skip mentions Rick and Stella got married and opened a tanning parlor on Mercury. Skip says he's not running a bus service. Rhonda is shown on the spaceship. She says she's missed Gordon and that he's the only one for her.
  • Kate tells Brian that ALF probably feels just as bad as he does. ALF then enters singing "I've Got the World on a String" before he asks if he's interrupting something
1-8 17 Nov 86 Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue?
  • A portion of the conversation between ALF and Kate after she makes him take down the wallpaper has been cut.
  • The conversation between Willie and Kate on the couch, just before ALF interrupts a romantic moment, has been trimmed.
  • A conversation in the bedroom between Willie and Kate discussing ALF's crush on Lynn was cut.
  • The final scene in which ALF helps Willie shoot a video of "Saturday Night's Alright (for Fighting)" for Kate is entirely cut.
1-9 24 Nov 86 Jump Part of Willie's thank you speech to his family on his birthday is trimmed.
1-10 1 Dec 86 Baby, You Can Drive My Car The scene where the tow truck driver helps bring in the Tanner family's groceries is entirely cut.
1-11 8 Dec 86 On The Road Again
1-12 22 Dec 86 Oh, Tannerbaum Part of Willie's dream sequence was edited out.
1-13 12 Jan 87 Mother and Child Reunion
1-14 19 Jan 87 A Little Bit of Soap
1-15 2 Feb 87 I've Got a New Attitude
1-16 9 Feb 87 Try to Remember (Part 1)
  • The original scene where ALF electrocuted himself by bringing the mixer in the bath was replaced with a scene of him slipping and hitting his head on the tub.
  • A public service announcement about electrical safety was removed.
  • clips featuring ALF's deeper voice from the first few episodes have been overdubbed to match up with the newer voice
  • Clip of ALF singing "Old Time Rock And Roll" is cut
  • clip of ALF eating at Jody's house is cut
1-17 9 Feb 87 Try to Remember (Part 2)
  • clips featuring ALF's deeper voice from the first few episodes have been overdubbed to match up with the newer voice
1-18 16 Feb 87 Border Song
1-19 2 Mar 87 Wild Thing
1-20 16 Mar 87 Going Out of My Head Over You
1-21 23 Mar 87 Lookin' Through the Windows
1-22 30 Mar 87 It Isn't Easy Bein' Green A scene at the Nutrition Follies in which Kate and Lynn explain to a couple that they are sitting in their seats has been cut.
1-23 6 Apr 87 The Gambler
1-24 13 Apr 87 Weird Science
1-25 4 May 87 La Cucaracha
1-26 11 May 87 Come Fly With Me
  • When they first arrive at the resort, the part where Trevor enters their room and they inform him of their wish to return home has been cut.  Kate tells the Ochmoneks that she forgot to pack her clothes (actually, ALF put them away to stow away in her luggage), and Raquel tells her she can borrow clothes from her.
  • The parts where Trevor and ALF sing "Come Fly With Me" have been cut. After the Tanners decide to leave ALF behind, the part where he pleads with Willie and Kate to let him go with them has been cut.

Season 2

Episode Number Date Aired Title Cut scenes in syndicated/DVD version Cuts on German DVDs
2-1 21 Sep 87 Working My Way Back to You
  • Intro Shortened
  • a scene where ALF sings "Stop in the Name of Love" in the garage is shortened and generic music is used
  • ALF mentions that he scraped all the gum off from under the kitchen table
  • ALF washes the bedroom windows as Kate and Willie try to go to sleep
  • ALF mentions Kate having the "Nancy Reagan" look and she calls him "ALF Lauren"
  • ALF acts like he has trouble remembering how the kitchen blew up
  • ALF plays "Stop in the Name of Love" again in the garage after the lights are off
2-2 28 Sep 87 The Ballad of Gilligan's Island
  • Intro Shortened
  • ALF and Brian sing the Gilligan's Island theme
  • ALF sings the Gilligan's Island them before leaving Willie and Kate's bedroom
  • Extended scene of Willie yelling at ALF
  • ALF sings "Sixteen Tons" while digging
  • The melody of the "Gilligan's Island Theme" plays as ALF wakes up
  • ALF sings about "The Millionaire and his wife, a movie star" and Gilligan explains where they are. ALF asks about the Professor and Mary Ann
  • ALF asks why Gilligan has never asked Mary Ann out on a date.
  • The Skipper says "You have one little shipwreck and they never let you forget it."
  • ALF suggests the castaways have a a sing-a-long and starts singing the Gilligan's Island theme.
  • Willie says he is going to get a glass of water, Mary Ann wishes she could have water you don't need to get from a well. Gilligan mentions wearing the same shirt for 23 years.
  • The scene at the beginning of episode where alf leaves the kitchen to see Gilligan's Island on TV. After this, there is an scene cut where Willie makes a gesture
2-3 5 Oct 87 Take a Look at Me Now
  • Intro Shortened
  • Willie tells Brian to spy on Raquel. The Tanners think of an animal they could let loose in the yard to make her think she didn't see an alien. Willie tells ALF he has to stay inside until the commotion dies down.
  • ALF tells Willie he fixes things a lot and Willie says it's because ALF is always breaking things
  • Kate says she would rank Lenny Scott between a leech and a shark on the sleazeball scale
  • Extended scene of Raquel explaining her experience. ALF realizes Lenny Scott is being mean to Raquel
  • Lenny Scott asks Raquel for physical proof before she shows him the avocado
2-4 12 Oct 87 Something's Wrong With Me
  • Intro Shortened
  • A scene where Trevor meets with The Tanners to talk about weird noises and ALF realizes his hiccups can break glass is cut
  • ALF explains that he only used the encylopedia once, when he was mauled by a Pit Ganarf
  • A brief shot of Kate putting Lucky down is cut
  • Kate tells her mother that she was a little rough on ALF and ALF reminds her that he's the reason she was with Whizzer in the first place
  • Lynn tells Brian to say something into the camera. He does a Ted Koppel impression
  • Dorothy asks Whizzer where the best man is
  • Whizzer sings "Sunrise, Sunset" after Kate and Dorothy run to the garage
2-5 19 Oct 87 Prime Time
  • Intro Shortened
  • Willie explains to ALF how TV ratings work
  • Willie assigns ALF number 5 and Kate tells ALF to make sure he doesn't break the box. ALF asks Kate if he's ever broken anything...since lunch.
  • Trevor mentions "Here's Lucy Again" as a good show prior to "Polka Jamboree"
  • Different music is playing as Trevor dances and Willie says they'll watch it later.
  • The interviewer mentions "Polka Jamboree" and "Here's Lucy Again" to Brandon Tartikoff. Tartikoff explains that he was offered "Polka Jamboree" first and passed on it.
  • Brandon Tartikoff talks to his boss on the phone about "Polka Jamboree"
  • Brandon Tartikoff says "I'm not out of here yet," and his secretary says "Yeah, right."
  • The janitors bring in new office furnishings while ALF explains to Brandon Tartikoff that the whole thing is his fault.
  • Someone hangs a new name plate on the office door.
  • Shot of the janitors taking Tartikoff's desk away instead of ALF hanging up the phone.
  • Ron asks The Tanners why they changed their mind about being a Thompson family.
  • Willie tells ALF they have a son and ALF says "well think of me as the son you never wanted."
2-6 26 Oct 87 Some Enchanted Evening
  • Intro shortened
  • ALF says his appearance is the perfect Halloween costume and then argues that he has to get out and see new faces. Willie tells him it's too dangerous.
  • ALF suggests digging up some dirt on Willie's boss to help get his promotion.
  • ALF burps as he leaves the bedroom to cover up music from the original airing
  • Kate asks if there's enough punch for the guests.
  • Kate and Willie discuss Lynn's boyfriend and ALF wanting Brian's candy
  • Extended scene of Willie and Kate meeting Lizard
  • Lynn and Kate greet more guests at the door.
  • Ed and Bernice talk to ALF about his costume
  • ALF sings "In the Ghetto"
  • Walter Burke asks for his ice in a glass with some scotch
2-7 2 Nov 87 Oh, Pretty Woman
  • Intro shortened
  • Kate consoles Lynn briefly
  • The Tanners meet with the pageant representative and then Lynn decides to enter the pageant. ALF mentions a $200 registration fee. Act break happens here instead of the scene with ALF coaching Lynn.
  • Kate reminds Willie that he once thought pageants were demeaning to women. Kate asks why ALF has been so quiet.
2-8 9 Nov 87 Wedding Bell Blues
  • Intro Shortened
  • Lynn explains what a family tree is
  • Kate mistakes ALF's fourth grade teacher for a vacuum cleaner. ALF realizes she actually was a vacuum cleaner.
  • Willie and Kate hear ALF crying from the kitchen and hear him slam the bedroom door as they walk down the hall. ALF tells them not to come in and they have a brief conversation through the door while ALF stares out of the window before they eventually enter.
  • Willie explains to ALF that he and Kate were both born in wedlock. ALF calls Earth "a backwoods planet that worships Don Knotts."
2-9 16 Nov 87 Night Train
  • ALF asks Brian if he likes hang gliding off of cliffs
  • Intro Shortened
  • Willie talks about the train's engine and about putting a penny on the train tracks
  • ALF singing "City of New Orleans" with incorrect lyrics on the train is cut
  • Extended dialogue of ALF explaining why he jumped on the train
  • Gravel Gus talks about how long he's been riding the rails
  • ALF suggests possibly marrying Lynn which bothers Willie
  • Willie says he found the girl of his dreams
  • Willie calls Kate to tell him to pick them up. Kate has to explain to Brian what "riding the rails" is.
  • Willie and ALF sit around a fire and have a can of beans. They sing "City of New Orleans" together.
2-10 23 Nov 87 Isn't It Romantic?
  • Intro Shortened
  • ALF talks longer before leaving Willie and Kate at the table
  • ALF talks longer about Willie and Kate's wedding
  • ALF mentions that the original Stretch died trying to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel
  • Willie mentions spending $200 on the "Happy Noel" sign
  • A scene with a soaked Willie and Kate having tea in the kitchen while talking to ALF is cut.
2-11 7 Dec 87 Hail to the Chief
  • ALF mentions marrying Lynn so he can vote
  • Intro Shortened
  • Willie asks ALF to stop talking
  • The moderator asks an additional question that ALF and Kate argue about
  • Willie asks ALF if he expects Reagan and Gorbachev to kiss
  • Kate makes a quick joke before talking about her environmental plan
  • ALF mentions how he got into image consulting
2-12 14 Dec 87 ALF's Special Christmas (Part 1)
  • Mr. Foley sings "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" as he brings in the toys to the hospital
  • ALF tells Tiffany to think of her favorite things and she uses lyrics from "My Favorite Things"
2-13 14 Dec 87 ALF's Special Christmas (Part 2)
2-14 4 Jan 88 The Boy Next Door
  • Intro Shortened
  • Raquel asks Kate a list of questions about being a mother
  • ALF sings "Billie Jean" as he enters the garage
  • ALF talks with Scotty longer and Scotty plays "Papa Don't Preach" on the bagpipes
  • Raquel scolds Jake for playing basketball with her Aunt Ruth's urn
  • Lynn asks Willie about getting boots for her birthday. ALF asks for a pizza.
  • Lynn asks "Which one?" after Willie says "What a strange family."
2-15 11 Jan 88 Can I Get a Witness?
  • A scene prior to the intro where ALF watches football with Willie before they decide to play football in the yard with Brian is cut.
  • Intro Shortened
  • Willie says the football came down and broke the window. ALF says he knows the sound of things breaking. ALF blames Ella Fitzgerald and Doug Henning for breaking the window.
  • Willie says "It could have been you" after ALF says "Who could it have been?"
  • Lynn says "Maybe ALF should get a trial?" before Brian says his teacher says everyone is innocent until proven guilty and "And he does look sincere" following Brian's line. Kate says he looks like he's trying to win an Oscar.
  • Kate wants ALF to present his case immediately but ALF wants time to prepare
  • Trevor mentions seeing "I'm Innocent" spray painted on the bathroom window. He tells Brian "there's only one S in innocent"
2-16 25 Jan 88 We're So Sorry, Uncle Albert
  • Intro Shortened
  • ALF says he needs companionship in the tent. Kate explains that ALF has to stay in the tent tomorrow because she has to go grocery shopping. ALF says he has to watch his "soaps" which is actually Road Runner cartoons.
  • ALF mentions that the coyote survived
  • Willie explains to Brian that Uncle Albert died. ALF explains that death is a happy time on Melmac. Willie explains that it's not on Earth. Brian doesn't know how to feel and gets conflicting answers from Willie and ALF. Willie blames himself for Uncle Albert's death.
  • The family all look at ALF after he realizes it was his fault that Uncle Albert died.
2-17 8 Feb 88 Someone to Watch Over Me (Part 1)
  • Kate and Willie install a new phone. ALF makes a joke about them tossing the box into a salad as Lynn cuts his hair.
  • Raquel says "Fine. Fine. We'll be here" before hanging up with the police
  • Intro shortened
  • Jake wins a game of Gin and wants to go "Double or Nothing"
  • Raquel asks Officer Griswold how often a robber comes back to the same house. Trevor and Mrs. Byrd get into an argument. ALF calls the action for the kids.
  • A scene with the Tanners having dinner talking about how ALF is too busy running the neighborhood watch program to even eat with them is cut.
  • ALF calls Trevor on the radio while Trevor is in the bathroom.
  • Willie plays the piano and sings "The Letter" by The Box Tops
2-18 15 Feb 88 Someone to Watch Over Me (Part 2)
  • Intro Shortened
  • Doug Gould talks to Mrs. Byrd longer after going to break. She asks him if he's interested in a one night stand
  • Trevor says that Nell Carter and Diana Ross are the same size
2-19 22 Feb 88 We Gotta Get Out of This Place
2-20 29 Feb 88 You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog
2-21 7 Mar 88 Hit Me With Your Best Shot
2-22 14 Mar 88 Moving Out
2-23 21 Mar 88 I'm Your Puppet
2-24 28 Mar 88 Tequila
2-25 2 May 88 We Are Family
2-26 6 May 88 Varsity Drag

Season 3

Episode Number Date Aired Title Cut scenes in syndicated/DVD version Cuts on German DVDs
3-1 3 Oct 88 Stop in the Name of Love Just before Lynn and Danny go to the car, ALF is listening to "Walk Like an Egyptian" on the car stereo and then says "hide like an Egyptian" when they approach the car. In the edited version, the song is replaced by an instrumental music cue, and the spoken line is edited out.
3-2 10 Oct 88 Stairway to Heaven When ALF was in the clouds with Bob, his guardian angel.ALF asks if it's his imagination or did a 747 go by under us? ALF sees Michael Landon floating across the clouds, and ALF yells "Hey you, get off of my cloud, hah, I kill me.!"
3-3 17 Oct 88 Breaking Up is Hard to Do
  • Lynn tells Brian not to snore because it's like sleeping with a buzzsaw. ALF says "I'll trade ya. I'll sleep with the buzzsaw, you sleep with the lawnmower."
  • ALF suggests locking the door, throwing away the key and moving after Trevor leaves to get milk. He explains that he made the mess during his "bi-monthly feeding frenzy" but was interrupted by Trevor so "it doesn't count." Lynn and Brian explain they were kept up all night by Trevor moaning about Raquel. ALF reveals that it was him moaning all night.
  • ALF also calls Mrs. Byrd before the scene fades
  • Willie says "Slowly I turn..." and tells Kate that he's going to "have a word with the town cryer."
  • ALF sings "Leaving on a Jet Plane" as he packs his things in the garage
  • ALF tells the flower shop to send "whatever Merlin Olsen would send"
  • ALF sings "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" in the garage. Willie quotes Shakespeare before ALF mentions the number of dots on the ceiling.
  • Raquel says "I guess times have changed," and Trevor asks "Does anybody really know what time it is?"
  • Trevor tells Raquel she's a "hard habit to break" as he leaves the bedroom.
3-4 24 Oct 88 Tonight, Tonight: Part 1
  • During his monologue, ALF says being in Burbank is like being back on Melmac...after it blew up.
  • ALF tells Ed he interrupted his drum solo
  • ALF says he hasn't seen Ed since he opened his mail this morning and asks Ed how many jobs he has
  • ALF asks "What show is that?" after Ed says he likes his show. Ed says "ALF, right here on NBC, 8:00 Monday nights" and ALF says "oh, that show."
  • Ed says "Great, that's ALF, Monday nights at 8:00." ALF gets offended when Ed says the clips were "pretty funny" and makes him do his "Ho ho ho" bit.
  • Jokes cut from the "Melmac the Magnificent bit" are: "Palomino" "What did Trigger sue Roy Rogers for? I should go back to my old job of pulling porch splinters from Bartles and Jaymes" "Rich Little." "Describe Dudley Moore in 2 words."
  • ALF asks Dr. Joyce Brothers what kind of doctor she is
  • ALF suggests playing "Stump the Band" while they wait for the Pope. He thinks this means sawing off the legs of the band members
  • Ed says that the cat looks like the same one from ALF's show
  • ALF tells Joan Embree that the next time she brings a cat she should bring enough for everybody
  • Ed says he's never seen Johnny dressing room because he's "not allowed."
  • ALF tells Fred "In case you haven't noticed, I'm hosting the Tonight Show."
3-5 24 Oct 88 Tonight, Tonight: Part 2
  • Graphic of ALF eating hamburgers with text saying "More to Come" is cut
  • ALF asks Johnny if he's been enjoying the clips. Ed asks what Johnny said and ALF says "He said if I don't shape up, he'll send over a nearsighted veterinarian to make some clips of his own."
  • ALF says he wishes he could calm down Johnny and Fred runs away.
  • 5th set of clips include the missing clips from the 1st set of clips on the DVD/Syndicated version of the episode.
  • ALF tells Ed to not sit in his chair before Ed suggests reading a live commercial
  • "Hooray for Hollywood" instrumental is cut from the "Tea Time Movie" bit. ALF Fern mentions "Rin Tin Tin Makes A Mess Mess Mess" as the movie they were watching prior to the commercial
  • 9th set of clips includes a clip with ALF and the monks from Wedding Bell Blues. DVD/Syndication version includes missing clips of ALF breaking the board and ALF tucking Willie in from the 3rd clip in this set of clips
3-6 31 Oct 88 Promises, Promises
3-7 14 Nov 88 Turkey in the Straw: Part 1
3-8 15 Nov 88 Turkey in the Straw: Part 2
3-9 21 Nov 88 Changes
3-10 28 Nov 88 My Back Pages
3-11 5 Dec 88 Alone Again, Naturally
3-12 12 Dec 88 Do You Believe in Magic?
3-13 9 Jan 89 Hide Away
3-14 16 Jan 89 Fight Back
3-15 23 Jan 89 Suspicious Minds
3-16 6 Feb 89 Baby Love
3-17 13 Feb 89 Running Scared
3-18 20 Feb 89 Standing in the Shadows of Love
3-19 27 Feb 89 Superstition
3-20 6 Mar 89 Torn Between Two Lovers
3-21 20 Mar 89 Funeral for a Friend
3-22 27 Mar 89 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
3-23 10 Apr 89 Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow?
3-24 17 Apr 89 Like an Old Time Movie
3-25 1 May 89 Shake, Rattle and Roll
3-26 8 May 89 Having My Baby

Season 4

Episode Number Date Aired Title Cut scenes in syndicated/DVD version Cuts on German DVDs
4-1 18 Sep 89 Baby, Come Back
4-2 25 Sep 89 Lies
4-3 2 Oct 89 Wanted: Dead or Alive
4-4 9 Oct 89 We're in the Money
4-5 16 Oct 89 Mind Games
4-6 23 Oct 89 Hooked on a Feeling
4-7 30 Oct 89 He Ain't Heavy, He's Willie's Brother When Neal plays the tape recorder in the attic, it originally was a recording of ALF singing "Like a Virgin" - the edited version removes the song and replaces it with a recording of ALF's Melmacian hiccups.
4-8 6 Nov 89 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
4-9 13 Nov 89 Live and Let Die
4-10 20 Nov 89 Break Up to Make Up
4-11 27 Nov 89 Happy Together
4-12 4 Dec 89 Fever
4-13 11 Dec 89 It's My Party
4-14 8 Jan 90 Make 'em Laugh
4-15 15 Jan 90 Love on the Rocks
4-16 22 Jan 90 True Colors
4-17 29 Jan 90 Gimme That Old Time Religion
4-18 5 Feb 90 Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades
4-19 12 Feb 90 When I'm 64
4-20 19 Feb 90 Mr. Sandman
4-21 26 Feb 90 Stayin' Alive
4-22 3 Mar 90 Hungry Like the Wolf
4-23 10 Mar 90 I Gotta Be Me
4-24 24 Mar 90 Consider Me Gone In the original airing of the episode, the words "to be continued" appeared on the screen at the end.  This was removed in syndication.