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An animal shelter worker that captures ALF in an alley using a rope over his neck. He believes that ALF is a dog. When a grumpy girl coming to buy a pet came, she told Keith, "What is that monstrosity?" when she saw ALF.

The girl then got a cat, and asked what Keith's name was. The girl decided not to name the cat Keith, and when ALF kept making noises by tapping a pan, Keith opened ALF's gate, which allowed the alien to run away and take the cat (who the girl named Damien ).

Keith is an actor that works part-time at the animal shelter. When he learns that the girl's father is a producer he says that he was in a commercial with one of the cats in the shelter where he did the voice, saying, "Oh boy! Salmon chips! They're purr-fect!" He also invites the producer to a workshop production of Extremities where he is the one in the fireplace. (The information in this final paragraph is only found in the uncut version of the episode).

He appeared in Looking for Lucky and was the main antagonist.