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Terry Faith
Keepin' The Faith
is the fifth episode of the first season of ALF. It originally aired on Oct. 20, 1986.

Plot SummaryEdit

ALF decides that he wants to earn money of his own and takes a job with the Terry Faith company selling cosmetics over the phone.

In order to get his initial supplies, he purchases $4,000 worth of make-up with Willie's Visa (putting him over his limit). Willie is in a panic when several women show up for ALF's make-up party, but is delighted when they sell all of the makeup and make a small profit.

Title ReferenceEdit

"Keeping the Faith" is a 1983 song by Billy Joel.


  • The Terry Faith company follows methods similar to multi-level-marketing (i.e. Pyramid Schemes), where salespersons purchase items at their own expense, hosts a "party" to sell to customers, and hopes to make the money back on sales or building a downline. This type of business is very high risk, with great potential for people to lose their investment (as this can flood the local market with salespersons but no real customers).
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