The Imperial Intergalactic Trade Federation is a federation founded by melmacians to govern Melmac, This federation founded the First & Second Imperious Constitutions. The First Constitution held balance in the Federation's power, However, The second constitution was unconstitutional due to the powerhungry Federation & blamed the destruction of Melmac on all of the Melmacians.



Executive BranchEdit


The Prince is the highest leader in the Federation, The Prince is chosen by laws that were unconstitutional when the First Intergalactic Imperious Constitution was distributed. First law: You had to be a member of the Imperial Intergalactic Species Confederation, Second law: You must be a pure-blood. Third law: No criminal or disrespectful records, The Prince is responsible for the Executive & Judicial Branch.

High InquisitorEdit

The High Inquisitor is a powerful leader in census & takes notes on the economic values of the planet, If positive results are given, It shows that the republic is rich & is capable of not needing allot more from economy, If negative results are given, The republic is poor & unable to buy anything & nearly bankrupt.

Guardian KnightsEdit

A Guardian Knight is the Prince's bodyguards, They travel from side to side with the Prince, If a Guardian Knight is wounded, sick or killed, The Prince will place the toughest soldier of the toughest troop as Guardian Knight.

Legislative BranchEdit


The Minister is the leader of the Imperial Senate & receives all laws.

Imperial SenatorEdit

Imperial Senators are made from 100 representatives of the government that agree to make laws.

Trading RepresentativesEdit

Trading Representatives are the same representatives that trade materials.


Imperial ArmyEdit

The Imperial Army is known for operations on planets' soil

Imperial NavyEdit

Also known as the Imperial Starfleet, The Imperial Navy takes operations to space.

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