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ALF holds a seance and pretends to contact Sparky.

I've Got a New Attitude is the fifteenth episode of the first season of ALF. It originally aired on Feb. 2, 1987.

Plot Summary


Kate and Willie are taking boxes of things for Dorothy's new apartment into the living room.  ALF is discovered to have eaten a box of chocolates Willie was going to give to Kate as a Valentine's Day present.

Act One

Dorothy comes in and tells ALF to go into the kitchen because her neighbor is coming over to help her move in. His name is  Whizzer Deaver. They both take some boxes away. Whizzer brings her some flowers notices a clarinet that belonged to Dorothy's deceased husband and Willie remembers that he recognized him from being in a band. The family encourages her to date him. Dorothy says that she is not ready to date again, although it has been ten years since her husband Sparky passed away. ALF claims he can talk to the dead. Nobody believes him, but ALF says things that he shouln't be able to know about and offers to conduct a seance. During the seance, a voice claiming to be Sparky tells Dorothy to start dating again if she finds a guy she likes. When the hidden tape recorder malfunctions, everyone discovers that the whole seance was a hoax. ALF reveals he learned some things about Dorothy and Sparky after snooping though her papers. He says he did it because he wanted her to feel better about dating Whizzer.

Act Two

Dorothy is in her apartment and a deliveryman from Jackrabbit Courier brings in a box. Dorothy opens the box and finds ALF inside. ALF  continues to ecourage her to move on and that Whizzer is a nice guy and that she date him. The doorbell rings and Dorothy stuffs ALF back int he box. Whizzer comes in with her knives that she left in the truck. He starts to leave, but Dorothy offers to have him come in for a mintute. Whizzer continues to lightly flirt with her and admits that he likes her. Dorothy says she likes him too. She admits to him that is was hard to move on after her husband died. Whizzer invites her out to dinner and she accepts. She gives him her husband's old clarinet and they go out.


Kate is on the phone with Dorothy and is told she and Whizzer went on a dinner date at the Club Lucern and then went bowling. The doorbell rings and Jackrabbit Courier brings ALF back in a box.

Title Reference

"I've Got a New Attitude" is a song by Patti LaBelle.