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Paul: Alf's asleep. You're talkin' to me! *laughs*
Paul: Alf's asleep. You're talkin' to me! *laughs*
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[[Category:ALF Episodes]]
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Moving Out Tequila

I'm Your Puppet is the twenty-third episode of ALF's second season. It originally aired on March 21, 1988.

ALF names his dummy Paul. "Paul" and "Son of a Paul" are derogatory terms on Melmac.

Plot Summary

ALF's mail-order ventriloquist's dummy takes on a life of its own, and it takes a visit from Dr. Larry to cure him.

Title Reference

"I'm Your Puppet" is a song recorded by James & Bobby Purify.



Max Wright ... Willie Tanner

Anne Schedeen ... Kate Tanner

Andrea Elson ... Lynn Tanner

Benji Gregory ... Brian Tanner

Bill Daily ... Larry

Fred Goss ... Delivery Man

Paul Fusco ... ALF / Paul (voice) (uncredited)


Alf: Why do we have to run away?

Paul: 'Cause this place is a suburban sing-sing.

Paul: Alf's asleep. You're talkin' to me! *laughs*

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