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I'm Your Puppet is the twenty-third episode of ALF's second season. It originally aired on March 21, 1988.

ALF names his dummy Paul. "Paul" and "Son of a Paul" are derogatory terms on Melmac.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The episode begin with Willie picking up the ALF's package from the delivery man. When ALF comes out from the kitchen, he opens his package and finds out what he got. ALF gets Styrofoam all over the floor and eats some one until he spits it out thinking it's made out of stale. He receives a ventriloquist's dummy he got from his package because he saw one of them on TV thinking it's hilarious. ALF tried to talk to the dummy but realizes that the dummy is on mute.

When ALF tries to get his dummy to talk, he tells Willie that the dummy is broken. Willie then walks away and ignoring ALF's comments. ALF then says he's going to send Willie some flowers but Lynn tells him that he needs to stop spending people's money. Lynn then explains to ALF how the dummy works and demonstrates it effectively. ALF wants to name his dummy Paul. When ALF starts to annoy Lynn, she gets up and leaves to do her homework elsewhere. Then, Brian comes in asking ALF to play a computer game with him. ALF wanted Brian to learn ventriloquism, he wanted him to do his chores and he walks away after Willie and Lynn. As everyone is gone, ALF wanted to ask anyone if he is going to have fun. His dummy Paul started to talk and said "I do" when ALF asked everyone a question. That night, ALF and Paul are putting together a puppet show through the plot window. The family is annoyed at first, but then ALF cracks some silly, harmless jokes with the dummy and they laugh. Later, ALF and Paul show up to watch Willie and Kate. They tell him to leave, as ALF and Paul do some more jokes instead. When Willie gets up in the middle of the night, Paul tells him that ALF is sleeping.

The next day, ALF and Paul are in the garage packing. Brian comes in the garage to check on ALF to see what is he doing. ALF told Brian that he is running away. Brian tries to ask ALF why is he running away but Paul tells him it's not his business. He angrily leaves the garage and tells Willie about it. Paul continues to talk to ALF until Willie and Kate confront those two. At the living room, Lynn is very annoyed while she watches TV with ALF and Paul. Then, she angrily walks away from those two. Larry arrives and meets with Kate and Willie in the kitchen. Willie tells him that ALF's dummy Paul has gone worse. Larry enters the living room to check on ALF and he meets Paul. He leaves the living room, head back to the kitchen, and explains to Willie and Kate that since ALF’s arrived, he's had to be on his best behavior. Larry decides that ALF needs to have a few minutes of breaking the rules that he feels so oppressed by. He specifically suggests letting ALF eat the cat, but they ultimately decide instead to let ALF break a bunch of plates and throw food everywhere. Willie, Kate, and Larry smash up some dishes and encourage ALF to do the same. He’s reluctant, but eventually trusts them enough to do it, and so ALF reverts back to his “normal” bad behavior of breaking things and making a mess. It does end up in a fest of destruction, and ALF's enthusiasm for this that allows him to decide to break Paul, so it does lead to its resolution in a relatively natural way.

In the short scene before the credits, Lynn walks up to ALF and realizes that she heard Paul's voice. She is glad that Paul is gone. ALF told her that he gave him a Traditional Melmacian Funeral to rest. Lynn finds Paul's dead body stuffed in the freezer which scares her.

Title Reference[edit | edit source]

"I'm Your Puppet" is a song recorded by James & Bobby Purify.

Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Paul Fusco – ALF (puppeteer, voice) and Paul (voice) (uncredited)
    • Lisa Buckley - ALF (assistant puppeteer)
    • Bob Fappiano - ALF (assistant puppeteer)
  • Max Wright – Willie Tanner
  • Anne Schedeen – Kate Tanner
  • Andrea Elson – Lynn Tanner
  • Benji Gregory – Brian Tanner
  • Bill Daily – Larry
  • Fred Goss – Delivery Man

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Paul looks similar to Slappy from Goosebumps.
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