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Hungry Like the Wolf is the twenty-second episode of ALF's fourth and final season. It originally aired on March 3, 1990.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

ALF has gained so much weight that he fears that he will die of physical implosion like his grandparents did. The Tanners first ask him to do some exercise and put him on a diet. ALF watches an exercise video, thinking it will help him lose weight. ALF says his personality will go through drastic changes if he eats non-fatty foods and no fat in his diet. Later that night, ALF is seen sneaking into the Tanner's refrigerator, Kate and Willie catch him red-handed and take everything he has. ALF undergoes a dramatic change and calls himself Wolf the Primal Melmacian Hunting Machine and he won't eat anything he hasn't caught by himself. His primal urges become too great and he takes to the park in search of food. Willie goes to the park to try and get him back home. After running into a homeless man Willie finds ALF trying to hunt a toy poodle. Willie lures ALF to follow him and gives him some candy. ALF seemingly returns to normal and the Tanners realize he needs exercise and a fat-filled diet.

Title Reference[edit | edit source]

"Hungry Like the Wolf" is a song by Duran Duran.

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