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After Harry uses Gordon's hair for a nest, Gordon thinks he is going bald.

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Season 1, Episode 2 of ALF: The Animated Series.


After Harry uses Gordon's hair to build his nest, Gordon finds himself heading to Madame Pokipsi's shack for a baldness cure, only to insult her and leave while cursed with a "Baldness Touch."

When Gordon makes his pets and his sister Augie bald, he goes back to Madame Pokipsi in disguise for a cure. She will only agree to cure him if he goes on a long journey get her the legendary golden egg from the horned beast on the highest mountain peak. Gordon instead quickly absconds with her crystal ball.

Madame Pokipsi then transfers her lizard Eugene into a giant monster and sends him to pursue Gordon, who meanwhile tries to reverse the curse with the crystal ball. He is able to alter his curse so that he is now able to transform things, but he is unable to totally control it. When he finds out that Harry had stolen his hair, he turns Harry into the legendary golden egg and gives Harry to Madame Pokipsi in exchange for removing the curse.

Background information[]

Production history[]

  • Premiere airdate: October 3, 1987


  • In the closing credits, 'Melmacian' is pronounced "Mel-MAY-shin".
  • ALF states that events in this episode occurred "Wednesday morning on the third of Levelor."
  • The terms 'hair' and 'fur' are used interchangeably throughout the episode. Additionally, the curse on hair is also shown to affect feathers, fish, and stuffed animals.
  • Charlie claims that male pattern baldness affects four out of seven Melmacian males over 125.
  • Gordon's parents and brother do not appear in this episode.
  • Melmac has at least one moon.
  • The same gag is used two episodes in a row. Gordon eludes pursuers by luring them into mechanized rooftop advertising. In the last episode, he lured Larson Petty into a gigantic doughnut. In this episode, he lures Eugene toward a gigantic cowboy hat.

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Additional voices[]

  • Don Francks
  • Greg Morton
  • Stephen McMulkin

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Bismark; bouillabaseball; Brown moon; Calico bar; Calico burger; Camanabanna; cat fries; constellation; Dire Straits; dog; Doug’s Autorama; egg; Farberware; flounder; Horned Beast; Levelor; mackerel; mayo; middle-aged; Mister Mouser; Nourlish, Steve; Pepper Mines of Vandorff; pig; Polyester Islands; Ro-Bob; Sandabelle Peninsula; Tog Mog; Tupperware; Valley of Green Sand; Wargas; wernick

Framing sequence references[]

Melmac Memories; typewriter; The Wizard of Oz

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