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Gordon Shumway, nicknamed ALF is the main protagonist in the Series A.L.F. and the animated series ALF: The Animated Series and ALF Tales. He is an alien from planet Melmac.


Gordon Shumway was born on October 28, 1756 (according to the Melmacian Calendar, he was born on the 28th of Nathinganger) to Bob and Flo Shumway, and has a younger brother and sister, along with a proper father figure known as Alex Adam

He attended Melmac High School for 122 years, where he majored in software and pedestrian crossing and was captain of a Bouillabaisseball team (which uses fish parts as a ball). In college, ALF majored in physical education.

At some time in ALF's life, ALF was an underwear model. ALF was later employed as an Orbit Guard and was called to duty shortly before his home planet was destroyed in a nuclear war. His girlfriend Rhonda escaped the destruction of Melmac in a spaceship piloted by his best friend Skip.

before he meet Rhonda, his girlfriend, he was engaged to Ruby One his Planet Melmac Blew up but it's Unknown who blew him up.

Alex Adam, also known as ALF's godfather which has not been brought up much raised ALF, during his childhood, and really made him flourish. The episodes that we have access to say that Alex Adam was a very large impact on how ALF acts and behaves, even the nickname, "The Ol' Alfer" was derived from Alex Adam. He is a pivotal yet unpopular character in the ALF universe.


With the Tanners

One day ALF followed an amateur radio signal to Earth and crash-landed his ship into the garage of the Tanner family. The Tanners are a suburban middle-class family consisting of the social worker Willie, his wife Kate, their children Lynn and Brian, and their cat Lucky. Since the crash-landing, the Tanners have helped take care of ALF and hide him from the Alien Task Force, a secret U.S. military organization that tracks down alien creatures.

Budget Problems

ALF increased the Tanners' expenses. The budget for extra food and repairs for damages in the house were what forced the Tanners to increase their spending budget. In Varsity Drag, Lynn was upset because she couldn't go to Amherst College in Massachusetts, due to the Tanners not being able to afford it.. In Keepin' the Faith, he bought $4,000 of cosmetics with Willie's credit card, and in The Gambler, he put the Tanners into a gambling debt of $6,000 to Nick "The Fish" Mints. In Project ALF, it is said that ALF has made over 300 fires, though most were barbeque-related. All fires not barbeque-related were most likely set in the kitchen instead, as ALF has done so in the episodes On the Road Again and Working My Way Back to You.

Melmacian Physical Troubles

  • In Wild Thing, like every Melmacian, every 75 years, ALF goes into a frenzy in which he will do literally anything to eat cats. He lied and mimicked the Tanner's voices perfectly to try to trick them into letting him from the cage. When he did get free of the cage, he locked Brian in. He then went on a rampage trying to find Lucky (who was spending the night at the Ochmonek's house) and stole Raquel's lawnmower, which he used to go to the zoo and steal a tiger.
  • In Something's Wrong With Me, he develops the dreaded Melmacian hiccups. Two cures are drinking cat juice or eating raw spinach. When ALF is given fake cat juice, it cured his hiccups until he learned it wasn't real, indicating it had a placebo effect.
  • In Fever, ALF catches an Earth virus, and can only be cured by Carl Shrub, but was cured by ragweed, a plant similar to Carl Shrub.

Other Appearances

ALF was seen appearing on Fox Network with Bill O'Reilly in November 2007.

He appeared in the 2011 Super Bowl commercials showing he is a fan of the Carolina Panthers.

He also appeared on Young Sheldon in an episode called "A Race of Superhumans and a Letter to ALF".

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