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"Gordon Ships Out"

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Season 1, Episode 4 of ALF: The Animated Series.

Gordon, Rick, and Skip decide to pool their savings for a sailing yacht, but end up marooned on an island thanks to a Pit Termite that Skip names Woody.



In a live action framing sequence, ALF, in the present, says that he has just finished writing the next chapter of his memoir, "Gordon Ships Out". He also imitates a fog horn.


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In the closing live-action segment, ALF does the Melmacian mating call.

Background information[]

Production history[]

  • Premiere airdate: October 24, 1987


  • Flo may have made a Star Wars reference when she said, “Bob, I have a bad feeling about this.”
  • Flo felt that at least one slimy vegetable at every meal was part of a balanced diet.
  • Rick’s last name is given as Fusterman.
  • Gordon and Rick knew each other since they were kids.
  • The Orbit Guard patrols the water, not unlike a Coast guard.
  • In the closing credits, 'Melmacian' is pronounced "Mel-MAY-shin".

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Additional voices[]

  • Don Francks
  • Greg Morton
  • Stephen McMulkin

Unidentified voice actors[]

  • Solly
  • Woodrow (aka “Woody”)


barnacle chips; Bismark; blackened black cat; bletsklamanian blowfish; boat; buldozer; cat; cat peeler; curlers; Desire; diner; Eddie’s Cats-Up Diner; electric knarf; flern roach; foot brush; Lamborghini Succotash; Neon; Orbit Guard; Orlon Ocean; pepper; pipe; pit termite; Polyester Sea; radio; rations; salt; Skip’s mom; sock; tabby chops; toothpaste dip; sea beaver; vegetable; wedding; wernick; Ye Salty Slug Inn

Framing sequence references[]

boat; fog horn; Melmac Memories; Melmacian mating call; typewriter

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