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Wild Thing Lookin' Through the Windows

Going Out of My Head Over You is the twentieth episode of ALF's first season.
Going Out of My Head over You

Willie talking to Larry in his office.

It originally aired on March 16, 1987.


ALF and Willie start to get on each other's nerves and so, Willie decides to consult his psychologist friend Dr. Larry Dykstra for help. Larry is a little shaken up at first when he sees Willie's Polaroid photo of ALF, but he agrees to come over for dinner.

During dinner, they discuss the problems they are having getting along. Larry suggests that ALF and Willie play a role playing game and switch places. After that goes badly, Larry suggests that ALF moves in with him. Willie refuses to let ALF go because he doesn't want to see him get caught. This opens up the discussion so that ALF and Willie tell each other that they do care about each other.

ALF agrees to try to calm down and Willie agrees to be a little more flexible with the rules.

Title ReferenceEdit

"Going Out of My Head" is a song by Little Anthony and the Imperials.

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