The First Intergalactic Imperious Constitution was made by the Imperial Intergalactic Trade Federation, But it was changed & repealed when Melmac blew up & they made the Second Intergalactic Imperious Constitution. The constitution was changed shortly after creation.


Creation (5 A.D.)Edit

The Federation invented the Constitution in the 5 A.D. & it was full of the ten amendments.

Effect (6 A.D.)Edit

The constitution was put into effect in the 6 A.D., The Federation changed it later because of its mistakes.


In 10 A.D, The Federation changed it & the laws worked out.

Second Intergalactic Imperious Constitution (1986)Edit

When Melmac blew up, The Federation repealed this document & created a new one which was out of line & was against this one.

Laws & AmendmentsEdit


Legislative LawEdit

Unfair LawsEdit

If the Legislative Branch makes a law that is unfair & is against the constitution, The Judicial Branch will add that law to a record tracking every law that is unconstitutional, however, this stopped when the Second Constitution was made.


If one representative of the senate makes too many bad ideas, they will be impeached by the Federation.

Executive LawEdit

Refuse to sign or veto lawsEdit

The Federation must sign or veto all bills, If the Prince refuses, he will face chances of impeachment


The Federation will impeach the Prince & find a new one.


Bill of RightsEdit

First Amendment: This amendment agrees no man shall step out of line & not have freedom for petition, speech, press, etc.

Second Amendment: This amendment gives the rights to own any weapons

Third Amendment: This amendment allows freedom for Intergalactic Space Travel

Fourth Amendment: This amendment decrees the public display of Intergalactic Blogs are diary's that shall not be removed

Fifth Amendment: This amendment allows all Melmacians to sustain trials to any public cases or criminal activity's

Other AmendmentsEdit

Undeleted AmendmentsEdit

Sixth Amendment: The Senate shall give freedom & no tax or duty placed on goods moving to a new area on Melmac (taxes on all traded goods from the Federation)

Eighth Amendment: The Senate shall give foam to all of the poor on Melmac & will not supply gold for wealthy's family's. (bottlecaps to all the poor on Melmac & will not supply foam & will give gold)

Deleted AmendmentsEdit

Seventh Amendment: The Senate will give the Prince half the power on Melmac (The Senate will have 1/100 of the power, while the Prince receives more power)

Ninth Amendment: No more than 100 men will be in the Senate (The Senate shall have no more than 10 men)

Tenth Amendment: The Constitution shall be ratified in one state by a number of supreme Federation governors, Here is the List: New Cats Land: 12, Cats R Us Territory: 3, St. Melmac's State: 5, Cat Hunters Joy: 10, Total: 30 (This constitution is no longer in effect & every supreme Federation governor is no longer a representative)

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