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Elaine Ochmonek is Jake's mother. She suffers from kleptomania. She lives in New York City, but visits Jake hoping that he will come back and stay with her. Jake insists that she receive professional help for her kleptomania before he will consider coming back home to live with her.

By sheer mistake, ALF witnessed Mrs. Ochmonek stealing some of Kate's jewelry when his need to use the bathroom was overpowering. Fortunately, ALF remained hidden from her sight, but when he attempted to reveal this to Jake, a disappointed Jake says he believes ALF but tries to explain the concept of kleptomania to ALF as opposed to robbery for greed or envious purposes (such as the burglar's). ALF is less successful telling Kate and Willie about this, believing him to be making slanderous stories until Kate says her brooch was indeed missing.

Jake later confronts his mother about the larceny. Upset, he states she has more progress to make to cure her condition before he will live with her again. This is also shown when she steal Trevor's coin collection.

She is Trevor's sister-in-law. Trevor's brother (Jake's father and Elaine's husband) had been caught fixing horse races, to which he was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

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