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Come Fly With Me is the twenty-sixth and final episode of ALF's first season. This is the season finale. It originally aired in May 11th, 1987.

Come Fly With Me.jpg

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The episode opens with ALF in the living room, excitedly telling Willie that he won a copy of Cat Lover’s magazine. Willie however knows that ALF didn’t win. What happened is that ALF filled out a bunch of Publisher’s Clearing House* forms and subscribed to the magazines; he did not win them, he bought them. Willie then opens the front door and a bunch of magazines slide into the house, because for no reason whatsoever they were leaning against the door rather than stacked up next to it.

ALF believes he’s won a talking toaster, as well as other goodies for the rest of the family. Trevor even reaches into the trash can to show Willie some of the inserts. Anyway, Trevor got the same real estate offer that ALF was excited about, and he suggests that they go together. He even offers to fly the Tanners out so that they can make a vacation out of it. There’s no charge, because Trevor is able to borrow his friend’s plane. ALF then comes into the room dressed for the trip, and they break it to him that he can’t come. During the flight, everyone sits around moaning about the free vacation that fell into their laps that, really, they don’t even need to go on if they’re just going to be constant about everything. Trevor has at least has high spirits, pretending to make captain’s announcements and pointing out interesting landmarks, cementing himself as pretty clearly the only one on the entire plane that any reasonable human being should want to spend time with. Lynn complains about the cargo they’re taking with them, which is a bunch of pigs, and then she asks why they have to fly facing backwards. Willie gives a nice tip to Danny Bonaduce and the family gushes about how nice their room is. He opens the door to put something away and sees ALF.

ALF reveals that he stowed away in Kate’s suitcase, having removed all of the clothes she packed. That night, Willie wanders around the living room while his family sleeps, because he hears the Ochmoneks snoring. He wakes up Lynn and then they panic when they realize they have no idea where ALF is. Anyway, ALF comes in with some catfish that he caught; he wanted to surprise the Tanners with catfish in bed. Trevorcomes in and hears the electric razor going. He says it sounds like Brian is shaving, to which Willie fumblingly replies, “I won’t allow him to have a mustache.” They’re also concerned about leaving ALF in the room and Trevor reminds them that they all need to attend a mandatory sales pitch in exchange for the trip. The entire family goes down to dinner with the Ochmoneks and Raquel scolds her husband for chowing down on shellfish because he’s allergic. Willie frets about ALF being alone in the room, but Lynn assures him that everything’s going to be fine, because he has the talking toaster to keep him company. ALF goes outside to get a fire extinguisher, and Willie tries to stop him from this. Later, the Tanners are kicked out of the hotel. Willie’s complaining about how everything is awful, at which point ALF pokes his head out from behind a curtain and delivers the episode’s other — and last — great line: “You haven’t stopped complaining since I burned down that room.” Mr. Ochmonek starts hallucinating due to all the shellfish he ate, and passes out. ALF must fly the plane on their way home.

Title Reference[edit | edit source]

"Come Fly With Me" is a song by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn.

Syndication Cut[edit | edit source]

There is an unknown scene after where Willie said, "Maybe so we can keep an eye on the pigs......". This was an unfinished sentence before setting to where the Tanners find their hotel room. The cut out scene is commercially unavailable, or possibly even lost.

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