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ALF preparing a cat sandwich.

Cats are small carnivorous mammals native to planets Earth and Melmac. On Earth, cats are usually kept as pets, while on Melmac they are usually served on lunch, breakfast or dinner.

Some known Melmacian cat dishes include chili cat, "El Gato" stew, feline and fries, calico claws, cat tails, whisker omelet, breast of cat, cats Benedict, filet of cat, stir-fried cat, feline mignon, and cat fudge sundae.

The Tanner family owned two cats over the course of the show. The first cat was named Lucky. The idea behind eating Lucky was a running gag for ALF, but he later realizes that when the Tanners demand ALF not do anything to their cat, he values their trust in him more than a meal. When Lucky passed away due to natural cause while sleeping, ALF first thought he could claim the corpse, but that was thwarted by Willie, who demand ALF not do anything untoward to Lucky's early remains. ALF then considered the idea of accepting free cats advertised in the newspaper classifieds so he could eat them. ALF's long-awaited meal was interrupted by the Tanners coming home from church, who demand ALF not eat any cats at all in their home. Willie Knows That ALF Eats Cats , but they keep the last one and Brian names him Lucky II.

Melmacian cats on the animated series.

On Melmac, it is not popularly acceptable to be a cat sympathizer and abstain from eating cats. Melmacians would spit on such "cat lovers." ALF is ashamed to find that he has become a cat lover when he first sees a kitten. Previously, he had never seen a kitten (except for bits of them in a stew), but only full grown cats. One episode of the Animated series shows Melmac "Cat" races-similar to dog races on Earth.

Melmac cats are only seen in the episode "Pride of the Shumways", where they looked similar to Earth cats. Earth cats are much shorter than ALF, and do not speak. Three cats appeared at the introduction to the animated series, where they were bipedal, sentient, and sang about how great Gordon was. As that was a dream sequence, it was unknown if there were Melmacian cats of that nature.

Garfield the Cat

Garfield the Cat, a famous cartoon character used by licensing just like animated ALF in the 30-minute movie Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue was a possible reference to Lucky. ALF once threatened Garfield to help a boy to overcome his addiction to drugs by saying, "Do you want to help, or do you want to be lunch?". Garfield quickly arose with no question and complained, "My luck to be stuck on a dresser with a pushy alien".

On one Macy's Thanksgiving Day paradein 1989; ALF, as himself, hosted the event when Garfield as a giant balloon was being carried on the parade. He calls him "Garfield the Delicious" and says there's not enough mustard in the world.

Garfield later dies in his sleep in the 2019 comic titled "The Last Garfield Comic" by Jim Davis. Fans speculate that the intended way for Garfield to pass away was to be eaten by ALF. Although, the comic was a Halloween prank and Garfield never actually passed away, leaving the fateful event in the hands of ALF.