Gordon Shumway-bouillabaseball
Bouillabaseball was a sport played on Melmac which resembled baseball, but instead of throwing a ball, fish parts were thrown.

Bouillabaseball fans often collected trading cards, which were sold in a package with a stick of gum. The gum came in one of two flavors: Tabby or Persian.


Bouillabaseball is played according to the few Melmarcus of Queensberry Rules.


Topps Series 1

1B Gordon "No problem" Shumway
2B Sally "Queenie" Shankwipple
3B Arnold "P.U." Garlic
4B G. Hamilton Chickpea III
5B Bob Lundquist
6B Ester "The Tomato" Dink
7B Hap Frizzbain
8B Howard "Slap" Happer
9B Brad "Hippity" Hopper
10B Reginald "Hoots" Fang
11B Mickey Mackerel
12B Thor "The Tank" Tankersly
13B Lyle "The Finger" Huck
14B Tyrone "The Shoe" Horner
15B Simus "Goobers" Wadsworth
16B Stanley "Mousebreath" Yikes
17B Ben "Choo-Choo" Tramer
18B Erno "What's It To Ya" Sludge
19B Ron Oyster
20B Wilbur "Scooter" Pyz
21B Egbert "Tiny" Cartwheeler
22B Skippy "The Terror" Meltzer

Topps Series 2

23B Dirk "That Swell Guy" Twink
24B Biff "Lucky" DeIrish
25B Abner "The Big Hucker" Knarp
26B Artie "The Sponge" Fern
27B Nina "Dropsies" Zynk
28B Fafner "That Goofy Guy" Pelt
29B Wilky "The Salad Bar" Wartlap
30B Sid "The Mad Bunny" Tenny
31B Heather "Leather" Labat
32B Benny "the Ball" Baldelli
33B Homer "The Gooch" Twang
34B Timmy "The Fist" Shrapknuckle
35B Chuck "The Chucker" Stang
36B Earl "Rat-Lips" Flick
37B Sondra "The Wank" Proudfoot
38B Marty "Dandy" Torpedos
39B Seymore "The Stick" Faz
40B Spilvey "The Rock" Glik
41B Chester "Spunky" Thread
42B Bart "The Swollen Egg" Lobb
43B Barbie "The Lobster Bib" Coals
44B Sean "The Munchkin" Splat


  • Alternate Boardwheeler
  • Alternate Carp-Forker
  • Assistant Mauler
  • Bait Boy
  • Carp-Forker
  • Deep Carbuncle
  • Face Peeler
  • Fan Crusher
  • Fin Tucker
  • High Zipster
  • Left Squibner
  • Left Whizzer
  • Leg Hugger
  • Low Zipster
  • Manager
  • Middle Scooper
  • Middle Spritz
  • Middle Screacher
  • Right Boardwheeler
  • Right Screacher
  • Right Squibner
  • Right Whizzer
  • Scuttminder
  • Shallow Carbuncle
  • Thrower


  • Equinox Weenies
  • Rosenbloom Phantoms
  • Melmac Orbiters
  • Dave's Brown Sox
  • Capstan Silver Clackers
  • Litwak Chowders
  • Bandorff Yesmen
  • Cleveland Goomers
  • Southwick Softshells
  • Feldspar Calamaris
  • Neesbeck Luminescents
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